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This overview shows the pages for your group web. You can also see page permissions (who can read the page) and when the page was last modified. Overview, News feed, and Schedule are automatically created and not shown here.


These pages are directed to the whole group and positioned after the Calendar in the menu. Only administrators can edit the pages.

Page Can read Last changed
May 2015Administrators2015-06-15
August 2015Administrators2015-08-23
October 2015Logged in users2015-12-17
2016-01 JanuaryLogged in users2016-05-05
2016-02 FebruaryLogged in users2016-05-05
2016-03 MarchLogged in users2016-05-05
2016-04 AprilLogged in users2016-05-05
2016-05 MayLogged in users2016-05-05
2016-05-12 Nominations for the by-electionLogged in users2016-05-23
2016-05-23 Election for new ChairpersonLogged in users2016-05-23
2016-06 JuneLogged in users2016-05-30
2016-08 AugustLogged in users2016-06-01
2016-10 OctoberLogged in users2016-09-13
After Work Social EventsLogged in users2016-04-16
Annual Meeting MinutesLogged in users2016-01-19
Annual meeting 2016Logged in users2016-01-19
April 2016 meeting minutesLogged in users2016-04-06
August 2016 meeting minutesLogged in users2016-10-07
CSC PhD Council Election Procedures DocumentationAdministrators2017-06-26
Doing your PhDLogged in users2015-04-08
February 2016 meeting minutesLogged in users2016-02-03
Guidelines for being a student representative at KTHLogged in users2015-01-16
June 2016 meeting minutesLogged in users2016-06-01
Life after your PhDLogged in users2015-02-03
March 2016 meeting minutesLogged in users2016-03-07
May 2016 meeting minutesLogged in users2016-05-23
MeetingsLogged in users2016-06-01
Nominations 2016Logged in users2016-01-15
October 2016 meeting minutesLogged in users2016-10-17
PhD RepresentativesEveryone2016-08-22
PhD Representatives DutiesEveryone2016-03-30
Postgraduate Students' Council OrganisationEveryone2015-01-12
School Organisation from a Postgraduate PerspectiveLogged in users2015-01-27
SeminarsLogged in users2015-04-24
Time Compensation for PhD RepresentativesEveryone2015-01-12
Unemployment income informationLogged in users2015-05-22
Useful links and information about PhD studiesEveryone2015-06-15
Your thesis - links and tipsLogged in users2015-02-03
lunch seminar on startups - May 12, 2015Logged in users2015-04-24

Group wiki

Wiki pages are directed to the whole group and placed under the wiki. All members and administrators can edit the pages.

Page Can read Last changed
Information for new studentsLogged in users2016-08-15
InternshipsLogged in users2015-03-19
PhD Defense/ DissertationLogged in users2016-01-26