Academic Year

Every academic year is divided into two terms. Each term is divided into two study periods; period 1 and 2 in autumn term, period 3 and 4 in spring term. Each study period lasts approximately seven weeks and each is followed by a week for exams.

There are re-exams in January for exams of period 1. Re-exams for period 2 are normally in March/April, for period 3 in Maj/June and period 4 in August. The detailed academic calendar is available on the KTH website under: Student at KTH – Timetables – Academic Year.

Full time studies for an academic year at KTH are 60 credits. Most of the courses amount to 6 or 7.5 credits, a full study plan therefore often consists of 2 – 3 courses per study period, adding up to 4 – 6 courses in a term.

More information about the academic year at KTH can be found here: The Academic Year | KTH

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