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Literature 8 maj 2014
Virtualization Heradon's thesis Verification HOL4 documentation (especially the tutorial) System developing ARMv7-a Architecture specification (you need to register to download the document) ARM11 (e.g. raspberry pi) technical manual Tutorial on A...
Inlägg av Patrik Ackland
12 maj 2014
Lasse and I would be interested in porting the hypervisor to raspberry pi. If you have any links or documents that you think could help that would be great. Thanks!
This is a nice task. I'm adding some link on Literature. Probably to start we can schedule a meeting to setp-up your laptop with the development environment.
HI, last week we were busy with some paper deadlines. If you want we can meet this week to discuss further the tasks, the documentation and to set up the development and testing environment. A possible day is 22th at 10:00
Hi, Sorry for late reply. A meeting at 10 tomorrow would work.
Ok, we can meet in my office room 4525. If you bring your laptop we can also try to set-up the environment.
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