Degree project

What is a master degree project

The degree project equals approximately one semester (i.e., 20 weeks) full time work. It is often the largest, most important independent element of your educational programme and is of interest for many future employers. The degree project is organised as an individual project course.

Course codes for respective programme

The degree project course for respective programme is listed below. 

Some programmes have two degree project courses, one within the computer science and one within the electrical engineering area. In these cases the course that matches the rest of the courses taken by the student should be selected. The formal requirement is that at least 60 credits within the master programme should be in the same area as the master degree project.

Communication systems (TCOMM) | Course responsible: Ki Won 

Embedded Systems (TEBSM) | Course responsible: Zhonghai Lu

ICT Innovation, KTH (TIVNM) | Course responsible: Elena Troubitsyna

ICT Innovation, EIT Digital (TIVNM) | Course responsible: Elena Troubitsyna

Nanotechnology (TNTEM) | Course responsible: Mattias Hammar

Software Engineering for Distributed Systems (TSEDM) | Course responsible: Ki Won

Application for degree project 

To apply for the degree project and submit your thesis proposal, please go to Canvas. On this Canvas page you can also find

  • the deadline to send in an application
  • the template for the thesis proposal
  • eventual programme specific information, for example whether you should find examiner on your own or not.

What are the main requirements of the degree project

In your degree project you should apply and deepen knowledge, understanding, abilities and approach within the context of your education. You should also demonstrate the ability to plan and carry out advanced tasks as well as the ability to critically evaluate your own work and work by others. In the degree project, both the technical/scientific content and the applied methods have to be emphasised.

To complete the project the results have to be documented in a well-written thesis report and presented in a public seminar. According to Swedish law, the thesis report has to be a public document. The project reports are published in the KTH Publication Database DiVA.

What are the conditions to start

The degree project should be carried out in the last semester of the master's programme. In general, at least 60 credits for second-cycle studies must be fully completed. These 60 credits have to contain courses that are relevant to the thesis, including a course on philosophy of science and research methodology. If you are enrolled in a Master of Science in Engineering programme, all courses required for the bachelor's degree must be completed.

How to find a master degree project

It is the responsibility of the student to find a suitable topic for the degree project. Make an effort to find an assignment that you feel you want to do and are able to complete. There are several ways to find a degree project:

  • KTH has a central portal for master degree project proposals: KTH Degree Project Portal.
  • Contact researchers at the EECS School: researchers may advertise master degree topics on the webpages of the departments. If you are interested in a specific research area, feel free to contact researchers who are active in that area.
  • Company webpages companies may advertise master degree projects on their webpages.
  • Degree project and job fairs: you can meet company representatives at the various fairs and company presentations organised at KTH.

If you choose to do your thesis project at a company, please share this information with your contact at the company: Information to employers.

Get inspired by finished master theses in DiVA

Examiner and supervisor 

Every degree project has to have an examiner and a supervisor from KTH. The role of the examiner is to take responsibility for the quality of the degree project, and to grade your degree project once completed. Your work is supported by a supervisor from KTH. The supervisor follows your work throughout the project. When doing your degree project at a company or at another university, you have a supervisor there as well.

Degree project at companies

According to Swedish law, the thesis report has to be a public document. The project reports are published in the KTH Publication Database DiVA. The thesis presentations are also public events. Make sure that the company is aware of these regulations, share the general checklist for students and employers with your company supervisor, the checklist can be downloaded at: Some of your results may be left out due to confidentiality reasons, but your degree project will be graded based on the public report.

Some companies pay a "salary" during the degree project. Make sure that this is specified in a degree project agreement or contract, and ask about how frequently and/or by what method the payments are made.

Degree project abroad

You can perform your degree project abroad, at a university or a company. For general advice see Degree project (Student at KTH). If you intend to do your degree project abroad, contact your master coordinator for advice considering visa, insurance and scholarships.

Degree project performed at another school of KTH

If you would like to take a master degree course other than given in your course plan, you need permission from your Programme Director. If the course is outside your main field of study the Director of First and Second Cycle Education of the EECS school needs to approve. In both cases, contact your Programme Director before your accept the degree project.

If you do not complete your degree project

If you have initiated a degree project but for some reason are not able to complete it, you should as soon as possible contact your supervisor. Degree projects that are not completed within one year may be terminated with a grade F. In that case you need to start a new project on a clearly distinct topic.


Would you have questions before you start your degree project, please contact your master coordinator. If you need help with finding examiner, contact the course coordinator. 

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