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In the KTH Degree Project Portal you can find degree projects, project assignments, trainee jobs, internships, student jobs and seasonal jobs within both the private and the public sector. Get inspired by a wide range of proposals that will give you a unique opportunity to make valuable contacts that will gain your future career.

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Degree project

Together with the employer, you develop the proposal for a suitable degree project. Your supervisor at KTH must approve your proposed subject and above all, the degree project must have the right academic level and scope. This requirement must be met in order for your student insurance to apply while you are working on your degree project. You can read about the situation regarding insurance and liability on Kammarkollegiet’s  website.

Make sure you are aware of the employer’s business operations before you contact them as it makes it much easier to have a discussion with their employee/contact person regarding the design of the degree project. It is the employer who owns the issue, identifies the problem and knows what they want to get out of the assignment/degree project.

Always notify the contact person as soon as possible if you are unwilling or unable to carry out the work that you discussed with them. This is important for KTH’s future dealings with the employer. The proposals remain in the degree project portal for a maximum of six months or until the expiration date entered by the employer.

Project assignments

The programme often includes solving a minor technical assignment in project form with the intention of training the student to work with others and share work tasks. This assignment must be resolved and documented in a technical report. The project group is led by a project assistant.

Trainee jobs

This is a type of employment that may be offered to a student who has recently graduated or who is still studying. You follow a programme which lasts for about 12-15 months (divided into three month periods) and you are given the opportunity to demonstrate your skills as employees.

Internships (sandwich placements)

This is a type of a more qualified internship in which students can get practical work experience. The length is usually a couple of months and often takes place during the summer.

Please notify  if you find any advertisements that are not serious or are inappropriate.

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Last changed: Jul 01, 2020