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Co-watched 360-films for Increased Wellbeing in Elderly Care

In this project we collaborate with Film Stockholm and Norrtälje municipality with the goal to increase quality of life and wellbeing in elderly care through co-watching of 360-films.

In the project nurses organize 360-films session with 2-8 elderly in elderly care with the purpose to increase quality of life through immersive digital visits to familiar and exciting places. Currently the municipality are very positive to the viewings and have already investing in about 25 VR HMDs, educated sufficient nurses to operate the equipment and facilitate sessions, and have run session with 100+ elderly. All 360-films used are recorded in the local area of Norrtälje.

Preliminary results indicate a positive experience for the elderly but also highlights some issues with HMD usage for this age group, obstacles for joint co-watching experience, and further advise on facilitating session. Media has shown great interest in this project and new municipalities are starting up similar activities based in the developed methods.


Project Duration

2017 - present