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Menarche Bits

Making space for menarche experiences in sports.

The design research project Menarche Bits explores how digital technologies can make space for young people’s menarche experiences in sports contexts. The research goal is to explore how soma design methods can be developed in women’s health, with special attention to feminist values of advocacy and participation. The project will contribute with innovative methods for designing with sensitive topics and intimate areas, and new novel technologies for delivering women's health.

Menarche Bits is a collection of shape-changing and heat technologies that facilitate on-body learning and exploration of menarche experiences. The technologies aims to facilitate conversations about menstruation and inspire bodily movements and expressions. Our intention is that the Menarche Bits can help young people who started menstruating to make space for and trust their menstruating bodies, creating more healthy and equal sports participation for menstruating adolescents.

The project is currently being developed, and we are looking for opportunities for collaboration with local sports clubs in Stockholm. If you are interested in the project, please contact Marie Louise.


Project Duration

2019 - 2020