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Digital Women's Health

Digital Women’s Health is a research group bringing positive change to the design and research of digital technologies for women’s bodily transitions.

 The Digital Women’s Health research group has expertise in the research, design and evaluation of digital technologies for women’s health. Over the last five years we have undertaken design explorations around key transitions of women’s health, such as reproductive and sexual health and maternal health. By designing with women and with care for the female body, we aim to raise awareness for and destigmatize often ignored areas of women’s health. With our design research, we provide and sustain body knowledge and curiosity in women, and develop methods to design for sensitive and tabooed areas. We want our research to have societal and political impact, rethinking which role digital technologies may have in supporting women’s reproductive and sexual health and responding to global challenges in relation to women’s inequality.

For further information, go to our project website .