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VR-CBT using 360-film

In this project we explore and study how we can create more efficient and available CBT treatment of Agoraphobia using 360-films as a replacement for in vivo exposure therapy.

In the project we have through a collaborative design process developed a tool for in-clinic exposure therapy at Gustavsbergs Health Care Center using 360-films in VR headsets. The tool is tailored to existing work processes and is designed to be usable already today. As a part of the process we have have recorded a substantial film library for exposure covering (e.g) subway, elevator, squares and streets, and tunnel scenarios.

The clinical outcome demonstrate significant and persistent outcome treatment (N=12) over a 12 week treatment program. The patients have also overwhelmingly expressed a good experience of the VR-CBT treatment and VR is considered a key reason for enrolling treatment to begin with.

In 2019 the project was awarded Innovation of the year by the Innovation fund in Stockholm. Currently we are continuing to develop a platform for widespread use.




Project Duration

2016 - present