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Angelica Torres: Dynamics of chemical reaction networks and positivity of polynomials

Tid: Ti 2020-09-15 kl 11.15

Plats: Zoom and KTH, F11

Medverkande: Angelica Torres, KTH


In biochemical processes, different molecules are consumed and produced as they interact with each other. The evolution of their concentration through time can be modelled with a system of differential equations that, under certain assumptions, is polynomial. In this case, the equilibrium points form an algebraic variety. In this talk I will present how these systems arise, and how deciding whether a polynomial can attain positive or negative values is used for detecting multistationarity and stability in the biochemical system.

Notes: The seminar will take place in F11 for the first 18 people to arrive. Overflow audience and those who are working from home can participate via Zoom with meeting ID 62586628413 .