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Christian Bönicke: Regularity properties for ample groupoids

Tid: On 2019-11-27 kl 15.30 - 16.30

Föreläsare: Christian Bönicke, University of Glasgow

Plats: Kräftriket, house 5, room 31


In recent attempts to develop a dynamical analogue of the Toms-Winter conjecture for simple separable nuclear \(\mathrm{C}^*\)-algebras several interesting regularity properties for (generalized) topological dynamical systems have emerged. Most of these can be studied conveniently in the framework of topological groupoids. In this talk I will focus on two of them, almost finiteness and dynamical comparison. Moreover, I will explain how the passage from transformation groups to groupoids yields interesting new phenomena by looking at some examples coming from coarse geometry.

Tillhör: Institutionen för matematik
Senast ändrad: 2019-11-19