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Simru Yildirim: Hilbert’s Axiom System

Tid: Må 2021-10-25 kl 09.30 - 10.30

Plats: Zoom: 625 0638 0642, contact arias@math.su.se to get the password

Respondent: Simru Yildirim

Abstract: Greek mathematician Euclid wrote The Elements (Elementa) about 2300 years ago. This book covers many areas including geometry. After 22 centuries, David Hilbert reformulated the geometry results in Euclid’s Elements in his work “The Foundations of Geometry”. The aim of this thesis is to understand why David Hilbert needed to rewrite the theorems. In particular, we seek to answer the following questions: What were the deficiencies in Euclid's treatment and how did Hilbert ultimately achieve his goal?