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Sunil Chhita: Local geometry of the rough-smooth interface in the two-periodic Aztec diamond

Tid: On 2020-01-29 kl 09.00 - 09.50

Plats: Institut Mittag-Leffler, Seminar Hall Kuskvillan

Föreläsare: Sunil Chhita, Durham University


Random tilings of the two-periodic Aztec diamond contain three macroscopic regions: frozen, where the tilings are deterministic; rough, where the correlations between dominoes decay polynomially; smooth, where the correlations between dominoes decay exponentially. In a previous paper, we found that a certain averaging of the height function at the rough smooth interface converged to the extended Airy kernel point process. In this paper, we augment the local geometrical picture at this interface by introducing well-defined lattice paths which are closely related to the level lines of the height function. We show after suitable centering and rescaling that a point process from these paths converge to the extended Airy kernel point process provided that the natural parameter associated to the two-periodic Aztec diamond is small enough. This is joint work with Kurt Johansson and Vincent Beffara.

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