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Tim Hosgood: Holomorphic Deligne cohomology

Tid: On 2021-09-08 kl 13.15 - 14.15

Plats: Zoom, meeting ID: 694 6016 6420 (password required)

Medverkande: Tim Hosgood (Stockholm University)

Abstract: Given a complex-analytic manifold, the constant sheaf \(\mathbb{C}\) has two important structures: the integral structure, coming from \(\mathbb{Z}\); and the Hodge structure, coming from the resolution by the de Rham complex. If we take cohomology with respect to the former, then we obtain singular cohomology, which describes the topological information of our space; if we take cohomology with respect to the latter, then we obtain de Rham cohomology, which describes the geometric information of our space. Deligne cohomology is a theory which contains both of these structures at once, and gives very powerful tools for understanding the intricate interplay between topological and geometric objects.

Note: The passcode was sent to the AG and NT mailing lists. If you're not on these lists and would like to attend, or are having trouble accessing the meeting, please email Wushi Goldring at wgoldring@math.su.se . To be added to the AG mailing list, please email Jonas Bergström at jonasb@math.su.se .