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Zhipeng Liu: One-point distribution of the geodesic in directed last passage percolation

Tid: Ti 2021-09-21 kl 14.15

Plats: Zoom, meeting ID: 698 3346 0369

Medverkande: Zhipeng Liu (University of Kansas)

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In this talk, we will discuss the geodesic of the directed last passage percolation (DLPP) with iid exponential weights. We will show how to find the explicit one-point distribution and its limit in the KPZ scaling. This is the first formula of the one-point distribution of the point-to-point geodesics in the KPZ university class, and is believed to be universal for all the models in this class. Our method relies on a transition probability of the DLPP obtained by Johansson, some summation techniques developed by Baik and Liu, and a Cauchy-type summation identity found by Liu.