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A hub to navigate to unexplored regions between art, technology and design

NAVET centre, in collaboration with KTH Climate Action Centre, KTH Energy Platform and KTH Reactor Hall, is happy to invite you to a NAVET event on "Dance and Music and Climate Change" on May 5 at 17:30, KTH Reactor Hall .

Dance and Music and Climate Change

NAVET is a center with the overarching goal of becoming a meeting place for research and projects in the intersection of art, technology and design, with the purpose of facilitating and creating opportunities for exchange and research collaboration among artists, designers, engineers, humanists, natural and social scientists.

The vision of NAVET is that Sweden should have a leading position in the intersectional area Art, Technology and Design, with a practical and critical approach that stimulates research, innovation, creativity, and the development of a sustainable society. NAVET wants to put the human in the centre, which also implies to question what the human is in an age of technology. The centre would provide a place for soft-networking that can accommodate and initiate new research projects that presently are scattered in various environments and to support them by sharing of resources in terms of laboratories, equipment, courses, teaching programs.




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