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“THE ROAD” Photograph: Franco Veloz
“THE ROAD” Photograph: Franco Veloz

NAVET Week 2021 - December 13-17

NAVET welcomes you to NAVET Week 2021, a week of activities, open for everyone, beginning and ending at KTH and touring all of NAVET's partners in between. There will be lectures, project presentations, demonstrations, exhibitions, workshops, and tours.

Monday: KTH

KTK will start the week with presentations from the NAVET center, presentations from our colleagues at KTH Innovation, KTH Research Support Office, the NAVET board and presentations of NAVET funded projects, as well as a presentation of another center: UmArts.

13:00-17:00: KTH, Teknikringen 1

13:00 Introduction by NAVET director Roberto Bresin
13:15 Presentation by Donnie SC Lygonis from KTH Innovation
13:30 Pierre Bodin presents the KTH Research Support Office
13:45 Presentation of UmArts  by Eleanor Carpenter
14:15 Coffe Break
14:30 Benoit Baudry: Presents re|thread .
15:00 Talks by NAVET board members Katja Grillner and Henrik Frisk
15:30 Ute Besenecker presenting Mixing and Matching the Luminous Color Palette
16:00 NAVET Week opening celebration.

Tuesday: Stockholm University of the Arts & Royal College of Music

Stockholm University of the Arts and the Royal College of Music will offer presentation from a wide range of research projects by students and faculty.

09:30-12:00: Stockholm University of the Arts

Details about the program.

09.30 Anders Larsson
09.55 Tove Dahlberg
10.20 Kent Olofsson
10.45 Coffee break
11.00 Katta Pålsson, Ulrika Malmgren, Franco Veloz and Fares Qadri ”THE ROAD”
11.50 Introduction to and for those who wants a curated/choreographed walk to KMH

14:00-17:00: Royal College of Music

14.00 Johannes Landgren: ”Research in, on and through music - An Introduction
to Music Research at the Royal College of Music”
14.10 Pietari Kaasinen: "Memory Fragments". Pietari Kaasinen, cello & Tatu Heinämäki, video.
14.20 Hans Lindetorp: "Music Production for Interactive media - Art driven research through technical design"
14.30 Susanne Rosenberg. VR project: "Folk Song Lab – deconstruction, improvisation and flow"
14.40 Jan-Olof Gullö: “Challenges and opportunities in research in and about music production”
14.50 Henrik Frisk & Kim Hedås: "EASTN-DC - European Art-Science-Technology Network for Digital Creativity"
15.00 Karl Asp: “Mellan teori och praktik – lärarutbildning i förändring.”
15.10 Eva Bojner Horwitz: "Music sneaks in through the back door into the
brain - a multimodal interplay between science and art"
15.20 Coffee break
15.40 Johannes Burström: "Adjustment #3 - Improvisation for feedback augmented double bass"
15.50 George Kentros: VR project: "Back to the future"
16.00 Mattias Petersson: "Towards a Hypermodular Ensemble Morphology."
16.10 Thanh Thuy Nguyen: "Music and Identity in Diaspora"
16.20 Sven Ahlbäck
16.30 Klas Nevrin: "Transdisciplinary collaboration and co-creation in artistic research on improvisation"
16.40 Mattias Sköld: "The notation of sound."
16.50 Olof Misgeld: "Oral Music Theory – music theoretical tools for performance expression within folk music."
17:00 - 18:00 re|thread software art collective, in collaboration with Henrik Frisk: "Browser Chance Music". Bar in the foyer.

Wednesday: Konstfack

09:00-16:30: Konstfack - One day about Noise

Details about the program.

This One Day About Seminar at Konstfack University of Art Crafts and Design, will research the concept and different aesthetic practices of noise in music and art. Noise as a practice and challenge to dominant cultural forms is part of a history of inquiries within artistic research. Noise relates to discourses in performance art, conceptual art, and new media. Participants are invited to share from their own experience and practices.
Everyone is welcome! In order to plan please sign up to the One day about by emailing!

09:00 – 09:10 Introduction by Michele Masucci and Ricardo Atienza
09:10 – 09:40 Perlin and Simplex Noise. Lecture by Palle Torsson
09:45 – 11:30 Noise and experimental music as curatorial practice. Lecture by Elena Wolay
11:30 – 12:00 Noise as a Paradigm Shift (for Knowledge Production and Practice). Presentation by Mattin
12:00 – 12:30 General discussion
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch
13:30 – 16:00 Workshop Noise & Alienation with Mattin
Noise & Alienation
During this workshop we will investigate the connection between the mental state of noise understood as the dissolution of selfhood and alienation understood as the objectification of living labour in the valorisation process.

Alienation is a modern concept that emerges with the development of the subject/object relationship that takes a specific form in capitalism. Noise as a form of conflict, disturbance and undecipherable signal can help us to understand the porous and unstable concept of the subject in liberalism, one that is increasingly showing its deficiencies.

If alienation points at the cut between living and dead labour, noise points out at the negative reminders occurring in the process of alienation.

By pitting these two concepts directly, we will try to articulate a theoretical practice of the negative as a prerequisite for a collective investigation of freedom and unfreedom.

Thursday: Swedish Museum of Performing Arts & Tekniska

The Swedish Museum of Performing Arts will invite researchers and artists to workshop new possible developments in their installation exhibitions, and Tekniska  will present their new Wisdome project and discuss with researchers how we together can make use of this new infrastructure.

09:00-12:00: Swedish Museum of Performing Arts

09:00-12:00 Sound Forest  2.0 Workshop

13:00-16:00: Tekniska

13:00-14:00 Welcome, introduction of the Wisdome project  and quick tour of the site.
14:00-16:00 We workshop on future collaboration between Navet and Tekniska.
After the workshop you are welcome to explore the museum further on your own.

Friday: KTH

We end the week back at KTH with some final project presentations, a research method seminar, future plans for NAVET, some summary statements, and finally we close the week with a celebration.

13:00-19:00: KTH, Teknikringen 1

13:00 Method seminar with presentations by Sandra Pauletto , Nadia Campo Woytuk , and Vasily Sitnikov .
14:00 Simon Alexanderson presents Digital Bodies: Motion Capture Acting
14:30 Coffe Break
14:45 Talks by NAVET board members Cecilia Roos and Magnus Bärtås
15:15 Presentation by Ludvig Elblaus
16:15 Johanna Enger presenting Mixing and Matching the Luminous Color Palette
16:30 Costanza Julia Bani  presents "Too Loud and Too Bright"
16:45 Closing remarks by Director Roberto Bresin
17:00 NAVET Week closing celebration

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