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NAVET Week 2023 Highlights

We share a few snapshots and report the most important highlights of NAVET WEEK 2023 in this article.

For more information on the 2023 program, please visit the following page: NAVET Week 2023 Program.

Day 1: Opening Session of the NAVET WEEK 2023

Location: KTH Innovation, Teknikringen 1, 114 28 Stockholm

NAVET WEEK 2023 kicked off with an engaging opening by Roberto Bresin, setting the stage for a week filled with insightful discussions,presentations, and events. Bresin provided an overview of NAVET's activities in 2023 and offered a glimpse into its future endeavors. The event also marked the release of the NAVET book, showcasing the organization's achievements and aspirations. 

Attendees were treated to an inspirational talk by Håkan Lidbo, a renowned artist and innovator, who shared his vision for the intersection of art and technology. Following a refreshing coffee break, Roberto Bresin introduced a new NAVET initiative focused on integrating science and art to foster innovation and creativity. 

Emma Nyberg, Project Leader of the Baltic Sea Festival, delivered a thought-provoking seminar on the role of music in building a sustainable society. The session, which was/is also accessible online, explored the power of music as a tool for social and environmental change. 

The morning concluded with a presentation by Luigia Brandimarte, the recipient of the 2022 KTH Pedagogical Prize, who demonstrated the unique approach of using circus performances to illustrate fluid mechanics concepts. 

Overall, the first session of the NAVET WEEK provided a platform for stimulating discussions, innovative ideas, and creative collaborations, leaving attendees inspired and eager for more. 

Highlights from Inauguration of NAVET Week 2023, held at KTH Innovation.
Highlights from Inauguration of NAVET Week 2023, held at KTH Innovation. From L-R in clockwise order: Roberto Bresin, Håkan Lidbo, Emma Nyberg on Zoom, Luigia Brandimarte, Roberto Bresin, venue for the inauguration. 

Day 1: Workshop with drones: "Shaping sensing and action. Moving with autonomous machines" held by Joseph La Delfa

Location: KTH Värmeverket (Turbin Hall), Drottning Kristinas väg 14, 114 28 Stockholm

Joseph La Delfa, an Industrial Postdoc at Bitcraze and KTH, hosted an engaging workshop titled "Shaping Sensing and Action: Moving with Autonomous Machines." Held at the KTH Värmeverket in the Turbin Hall, attendees delved into the world of drones and explored the concept of shaping the ability to sense and act alongside autonomous machines.

The workshop was divided into three parts, offering participants a hands-on experience. Firstly, attendees had the opportunity to fly drones using their bodies, immersing themselves in the intricacies of human-drone interaction. Following this, participants got creative by crafting their own alien creatures, sparking discussions about the potential of unconventional designs in robotics. 

 The workshop concluded with a lively session where attendees danced freely, exploring movement in tandem with autonomous machines. This unconventional approach sparked dialogue about human preferences in movement and the potential for harmonious collaboration with drones. 

Overall, the workshop provided a unique and interactive platform for participants to engage with drones and contemplate the future of human-machine interaction.

Images from the workshop with drones led by Joseph La Delfa, as part of NAVET Week 2023
Images from the workshop with drones - "Shaping sensing and action. Moving with autonomous machines" led by Joseph La Delfa (wearing a violet jacket), as part of NAVET Week 2023.

Day 02: Body In Space - organized by NAVET, KTH Space Center as well as the producer and director of the film “Heart of an Astronaut”

Location: KTH Reactor Hall, Drottning Kristinas väg 51, 114 28 Stockholm.

The "Body in Space" event, held at the KTH Reactor Hall provided attendees with a unique exploration of the human experience in space, organized by KTH NAVET Centre and KTH Space Center . The event was centered around various visual and sensorial experiences, including a screening of the documentary "Heart of an Astronaut" as well as trying out an exercise machine used by austronauts in space. 

The morning began with Leif Handberg, manager of the KTH Reactor Hall, and Roberto Bresin, director of NAVET, extending a warm welcome to attendees. State Secretary Maria Nilsson also delivered a speech, followed by the screening of documentary film "Heart of an Astronaut," offering a fascinating glimpse into the journey of an astronaut's heart and body from Earth to space. A panel discussion featuring notable guests, including director Jennifer Rainsford, astronaut Christer Fuglesang, flight surgeon Brigitte Godard, Professor Emeritus of Baromedicine Dag Linnarsson, and Orthopedic and physiology researcher Hans Berg, provided further insights into the emotional and physiological aspects of space travel. The session was moderated by assistant professor and producer Costanza Julia Bani.  

The attendees were also treated to a presentation by , a researcher at INAF National Institute of Astrophysics in Padova, Italy, who discussed the concept of sonification in astronomy, shedding light on the potential benefits of using sound to enhance scientific understanding and engagement. The event concluded with an open discussion, allowing participants to exchange ideas and mingle.

Images from Body In Space, as part of NAVET Week 2023.
Images from Body In Space, as part of NAVET Week 2023. Bottom images: Anita Zanella (left image): panel discussion with, from L-R in clockwise order, Brigitte Godard, Christer Fuglesang, Dag Linnarsson, Costanza J Bani, Hans Berg, Jennifer Rainsford (right image)..

Day 02: Tekniska Museet : Winners of Student Festival on Art, Design, and Technology, and Screening in the Brand New Visdome  

Location: Tekniska museet, Museivägen 7, 115 27 Stockholm

The afternoon session at the NAVET event offered a diverse range of experiences, starting with a warm welcome from Fanny Söderström Aupeix, Head of Exhibition & Experiences. Attendees were then treated to presentations by students showcasing their selected ideas from the NAVET Student Festival 2023 , centered around the theme "The Forest." "The Forest" is the theme of an exhibition which will contain a set of installations in Tekniska Museet in Stockholm, Sweden. The NAVET Festival is an effort which brings together art, technology, and performance with multidisciplinary student teams from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, KMH Royal College of Music, and SKH Stocckhom University of the Arts. 

Following this, attendees had the opportunity to network and engage in discussions during a coffee break and mingle session in Trähallen, located in the Trähall 3D Visualization Dome. 

The highlight of the afternoon was Jesper Wallerborg's presentation on the new visualization dome, providing a technical overview and facilitating a Q&A session. This was followed by the screening of the 3D documentary movie "STORT/VAST," offering viewers a cosmic journey through space and time. The documentary, presented in 8K fulldome 3D, showcased breathtaking visuals and was based on real data collected through years of research and technological advancements. 

The film captivated audiences with its immersive storytelling, starting from our own solar system and venturing out to the far reaches of the universe, including the Big Bang. The production utilized interactive software, OpenSpace, developed in collaboration with NASA, AMNH, and others, enhancing the audience's understanding and appreciation of the cosmos. 

Overall, the afternoon session provided attendees with an enriching blend of presentations, networking opportunities, and immersive experiences, leaving them inspired and awestruck by the wonders of space. 

Images from Tekniska Museet, as part of NAVET Week 2023.
Images from Tekniska Museet, as part of NAVET Week 2023. From L-R in clockwise order: Participants to the NAVET Student Festival 2023, Aymara von Borries Bisbicus, Wisdom foajé, Jesper Wallerborg, Helena Linder Miñambres, Fanny Söderström Aupeix, and the "trio" Lucile Fleurial, Alva Harju, Christine Nordquvist.

Day 03: Haptic Workshop : "Shared sensations from complementary music and vibrotactile compositions" organized with Konstfack - University of Arts, Craft and Design

Location: Konstfack, at Café Glasklart (LM Ericssons Väg 14, 126 27 Hägersten)

The workshop on shared sensations through complementary music and vibrotactile compositions, provided attendees with a unique and immersive experience. Led by Elsa Vaara from RISE, Cheryl Akner-Koler from Konstfack, Kjetil Falkenberg from KTH, and Johan Fröst from KMH - members of our Thematic Working Group 'Music For All'  - the workshop began with a brief introduction before participants delved into exploring a vibrotactile composition. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with a vibrotactile device programmed with a composed and choreographed program, both with and without accompanying music. 

Following this experiential session, short presentations and discussions were held, featuring live musical examples and insights into the material and experience. The workshop aimed to bridge the worlds of music and haptics, providing participants with a deeper understanding of how sensory perceptions can be intertwined to create immersive experiences. 

Open to all, the workshop required no prior knowledge of haptics or music, welcoming individuals from various backgrounds to explore the intersection of sound and touch.  

Images from the workshop "Shared sensations from complementary music and vibrotactile compositions".
Images from the workshop "Shared sensations from complementary music and vibrotactile compositions" held at Konstfack, as part of NAVET Week 2023. Second image from the top: Kjetil Falkenberg (KTH). Bottom image: discussion session with Kjetil Falkenberg and Cheryl Akner-Koler (both standing at the back).

Day 04: Scenkonstmuseet - The Swedish Museum of Performing Arts (need editing of the heading to add what was the main event.)

Location: Scenkonstmuseet, Sibyllegatan 2, 114 51 Stockholm

Beginning at 14:00, researchers from KTH, Konstfack, KMH, and SKH presented their collaboration on the creation of "Circadian Waves - Resonances," a captivating sound and light installation designed for Nobel Week Lights. This interdisciplinary project showcased the fusion of sound and light to create immersive experiences, exemplifying the cutting-edge research and creativity fostered by collaboration across institutions. 

Following this, lighting designer Ines Bartl  introduced the audience to the new lighting system designed for the "Sound Forest/Ljudskogen" installation at Scenkonstmuseet. Bartl's presentation offered insights into the innovative design elements and the impact of lighting on immersive art experiences. 

The afternoon concluded with a visit to the exhibition "Elektronmusikstudion – konst, teknik och politik," providing attendees with an opportunity to explore the intersection of art, technology, and politics through the lens of electronic music. This immersive exhibition offered a deeper understanding of the historical context and technological advancements that have shaped the field of electronic music. 

Day 05 : SKH Stockholm University of the Arts 

Location: Valhallavägen 189, 115 53 Stockholm

The morning session of Day. 5 of NAVET Week 2023 was located at SKH. Attendes were provided with a glimpse into the innovative projects and collaborative initiatives taking place at the university.

BA and MA students showcased their explorations in immersive media through prototypes developed during a new course. Attendees had the opportunity to experience firsthand the results of these experiments with extended reality (XR) technologies, offering a world premiere insight into the application of theory in practice. This demonstration highlighted the creativity and ingenuity of students in harnessing immersive media to address contemporary themes. 

This was followed by, a meeting with professors from SKH's profile areas, including John Paul Zaccarini representing FutureBrownSpace  and Kent Olofsson . These profile areas serve as strategic initiatives aimed at fostering synergies within the research field, facilitating transdisciplinary collaborations, and nurturing thematic hybrids. The discussions led by these professors provided valuable insights into the interdisciplinary nature of research at SKH and the importance of cross-pollination between different specializations. 

Images from Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola, NAVET Week 2023.
Images from Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola, NAVET Week 2023. Forth image from the top: Kent Olofsson (SKH).

Day 5: KMH Royal College of Music 

Location: Valhallavägen 105, 115 51 Stockholm

The aftenoon event of Day 5, held at KMH Royal College of Music, provided attendees with a rich program featuring presentations and demonstrations of ongoing composition work and innovative research projects. 

Master students from various disciplines across KTH and KMH showcased and discussed their ongoing composition work. This included compositions specifically designed for the Circadian Waves - Resonances  installations at Nobel Week Lights 2023 , offering a sneak peek into the creative processes behind these immersive sound experiences. 

 Attendees also had the opportunity to witness a demonstration of an experimental interactive method for browsing large repositories of sound files. Developed as part of the IRESAP research project, a collaboration between MDU and KMH, the demo was led by Henrik Frisk  and Austin Franklin from KMH, alongside Rikard Lindell  from MDU. This demonstration exhibited cutting-edge research efforts aimed at enhancing accessibility and exploration of sound archives. 

The event was a unique opportunity to engage with ongoing composition work, innovative research projects, and experimental interactive methods, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and showcasing the dynamic intersection of music, technology, and research.

Images from KMH, as part of NAVET Week 2023.
Images from KMH, as part of NAVET Week 2023. From L-R in clockwise order: Panel discussion, Johan Lundberg, Helena Linder Miñambres, Domantas Puras, Mattias Petersson, Louisa Palmi Danielsson, Henrik Frisk, Niklas Dahlquist.