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Nedan ser du vilka doktorsavhandlingar och licentiatuppsatser som har lagts fram vid Avdelningen för filosofi.

Vid avdelningen förekommer två forskarutbildningsämnen: filosofi respektive risk och säkerhet.

Avhandlingar i filosofi

Listnumreringen nedan avser den officiella serie av avhandlingar i filosofi som ges ut av avdelningen, Theses in Philosophy from the Royal Institute of Technology (ISSN 1650-8831). Länkarna går till avhandlingarnas DiVA-poster.

  1. Martin Peterson, Transformative Decision Rules and Axiomatic Arguments for the Principle of Maximizing Expected Utility , licentiatuppsats, 2001.
  2. Per Sandin, The Precautionary Principle: From Theory to Practice , licentiatuppsats, 2002.
  3. Martin Peterson, Transformative Decision Rules: Foundation and Applications , doktorsavhandling, 2003.
  4. Anders J. Persson, Ethical Problems in Work and Working Environment Contexts , licentiatuppsats, 2004.
  5. Per Sandin, Better Safe than Sorry: Applying Philosophical Methods to the Debate on Risk and the Precautionary Principle , doktorsavhandling, 2004.
  6. Barbro Björkman [numera: Barbro Fröding], Ethical Aspects of Owning Human Biological Material , licentiatuppsats, 2005.
  7. Eva Hedfors, The Reading of Ludwik Fleck: Sources and Context , licentiatuppsats, 2005.
  8. Rikard Levin, Uncertainty in Risk Assessment: Contents and Modes of Communication , licentiatuppsats, 2005.
  9. Elin Palm, Ethical Aspect of Workplace Surveillance , licentiatuppsats, 2005.
  10. Jessica Nihlén Fahlquist, Moral Responsibility in Traffic Safety and Public Health , licentiatuppsats, 2005.
  11. Karin Edvardsson, How to Set Rational Environmental Goals: Theory and Applications , licentiatuppsats, 2006.
  12. Niklas Möller, Safety and Decision-making , licentiatuppsats, 2006.
  13. Per Wikman Svahn, Ethical Aspects of Radiation Protection , licentiatuppsats, 2006.
  14. Hélène Hermansson, Ethical Aspects of Risk Management , licentiatuppsats, 2006.
  15. Madeleine Hayenhjelm, Trust, Risk and Vulnerability , licentiatuppsats, 2006.
  16. Holger Rosencrantz, Goal-setting and Goal-achieving in Transport Policy , licentiatuppsats, 2006.
  17. Kalle Grill, Anti-paternalism , licentiatuppsats, 2006.
  18. Jonas Clausen Mork, Is it Safe? Safety Factor Reasoning in Policy Making under Uncertainty , licentiatuppsats, 2006.
  19. Anders J. Persson, Workplace Ethics: Some Practical and Foundational Problems , doktorsavhandling, 2006.
  20. Eva Hedfors, Reading Fleck: Questions on Philosophy and Science , doktorsavhandling, 2006.
  21. Nicolas Espinoza, Incomparable Risks, Values and Preferences , licentiatuppsats, 2006.
  22. Mikael Dubois, Prevention and Social Insurance — Conceptual and Ethical Aspects , licentiatuppsats, 2007.
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  35. Lars Lindblom, The Employment Contract between Ethics and Economics , doktorsavhandling, 2009.
  36. Eduardo Fermé, On the Logic of Theory Change: Extending the AGM Model , doktorsavhandling, 2011.
  37. Linda Johansson, Robots and Moral Agency , licentiatuppsats, 2011.
  38. Johan E. Gustafsson, Preference and Choice , doktorsavhandling, 2011.
  39. Per Norström, Technology Education and Non-Scientific Technological Knowledge , licentiatuppsats, 2011.
  40. Jonas Clausen Mork, Dealing with Uncertainty , doktorsavhandling, 2012.
  41. Per Wikman-Svahn, Ethical Aspects of Radiation Risk Management , doktorsavhandling, 2012.
  42. Karim Jebari, Crucial Considerations: Essays on the Ethics of Emerging Technologies , licentiatuppsats, 2012.
  43. Linda Johansson, Autonomous Systems in Society and War , doktorsavhandling, 2013.
  44. Dan Munter, Ethics at Work: Two Essays on the Firm's Moral Responsibilities Towards Its Employees , licentiatuppsats, 2013.
  45. Sara Belfrage, In the Name of Research: Essays on the Ethical Treatment of Human Research Subjects , doktorsavhandling, 2014.
  46. Patrik Baard, Sustainable Goals: Feasible Paths to Desirable Long-Term Futures , licentiatuppsats, 2014.
  47. William Bülow, Ethics of Imprisonment: Essays in Criminal Justice Ethics , licentiatuppsats, 2014.
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  51. Mikael Dubois, The Justification and Legitimacy of the Active Welfare State: Some Philosophical Aspects , doktorsavhandling, 2015.
  52. Payam Moula, Ethical Aspects of Crop Biotechnology in Agriculture , licentiatuppsats, 2015.
  53. Jesper Jerkert, Philosophical Issues in Medical Intervention Research , licentiatuppsats, 2015.
  54. Alexander Mebius, Philosophical Controversies in the Evaluation of Medical Treatments: With a Focus on the Evidential Roles of Randomization and Mechanisms in Evidence-Based Medicine , doktorsavhandling, 2015.
  55. Patrik Baard, Cautiously Utopian Goals: Philosophical Analyses of Climate Change Objectives and Sustainability Targets , doktorsavhandling, 2016.
  56. William Bülow, Unfit to live among others: Essays on the ethics of imprisonment , doktorsavhandling 2016.
  57. Björn Lundgren, Semantic Information & Information Security: Definitional Issues , licentiatuppsats, 2016.
  58. Robert Erdeniz, Military Operations Planning and Methodology: Thoughts on Military Problem-Solving , licentiatuppsats, 2017.
  59. Jesper Ahlin, Personal Autonomy and Informed Consent: Conceptual and Normative Analyses , licentiatuppsats, 2017.
  60. Li Zhang, On Non-Prioritized Multiple Belief Revision , doktorsavhandling, 2018.
  61. Björn Lundgren, Information, Security, Privacy, and Anonymity: Definitional and Conceptual Issues , doktorsavhandling, 2018.
  62. Jesper Ahlin Marceta, Authenticity in Bioethics: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice , doktorsavhandling, 2019.
  63. Karl Sörenson, In Search of Lost Deterrence: Two essays on deterrence and the models employed to study the phenomenon , licentiatuppsats, 2019.
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  71. Henok Girma Abebe, Ethical Issues in the Adoptation and Implementation of Vision Zero Policies in Road Safety , doktorsavhandling, 2023

Avhandlingar i risk och säkerhet

Listnumreringen nedan avser den officiella serie av avhandlingar i risk och säkerhet som ges ut av avdelningen, Theses in Risk and Safety from the Division of Philosophy at the Royal Institute of Technology (ISSN 1654-627X). Länkarna går till avhandlingarnas DiVA-poster.

  1. Nordberg Anna, Priority Setting Strategies for Regulatory Testing of Industrial Chemicals , licentiatuppsats, 2007
  2. Lindberg Anna-Karin, Experience Feedback in Practice , licentiatuppsats, 2008
  3. Linda Schenk, Managing Chemical Risk through Occupational Exposure Limits , licentiatuppsats, 2009.
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  9. Thomas Falk, Safety Reviews of Technical System Modifications in the Nuclear Industry , licentiatuppsats, 2013.
  10. Qian Ding, Regulatory Tools for Managing Chemicals Risk at the Workplace , doktorsavhandling, 2013.
  11. Max Boholm, Risk, Language and Discourse , doktorsavhandling, 2016.
  12. Henrik Lindholm, Trying to Secure Decent Working Conditions: Do Corporate Social Responsibility Audits Improve Risk Management in Global Garment Supply Chains? , licentiatavhandling, 2016.