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Below are listed the doctoral and licentiate theses that have been put forward at the Division of Philosophy.

There are two third-cycle subject areas at the Division of Philosophy: philosophy and risk and safety.

Dissertations in philosophy

The item numbers below refer to the official series of philosophical dissertations published by the division, Theses in Philosophy from the Royal Institute of Technology (ISSN 1650-8831). The links refer to DiVA item pages.

  1. Martin Peterson, Transformative Decision Rules and Axiomatic Arguments for the Principle of Maximizing Expected Utility , Licentiate thesis, 2001.
  2. Per Sandin, The Precautionary Principle: From Theory to Practice , Licentiate thesis, 2002.
  3. Martin Peterson, Transformative Decision Rules: Foundation and Applications , Doctoral thesis, 2003.
  4. Anders J. Persson, Ethical Problems in Work and Working Environment Contexts , Licentiate thesis, 2004.
  5. Per Sandin, Better Safe than Sorry: Applying Philosophical Methods to the Debate on Risk and the Precautionary Principle , Doctoral thesis, 2004.
  6. Barbro Björkman [numera: Barbro Fröding], Ethical Aspects of Owning Human Biological Material , Licentiate thesis, 2005.
  7. Eva Hedfors, The Reading of Ludwik Fleck: Sources and Context , Licentiate thesis, 2005.
  8. Rikard Levin, Uncertainty in Risk Assessment: Contents and Modes of Communication , Licentiate thesis, 2005.
  9. Elin Palm, Ethical Aspect of Workplace Surveillance , Licentiate thesis, 2005.
  10. Jessica Nihlén Fahlquist, Moral Responsibility in Traffic Safety and Public Health , Licentiate thesis, 2005.
  11. Karin Edvardsson, How to Set Rational Environmental Goals: Theory and Applications , Licentiate thesis, 2006.
  12. Niklas Möller, Safety and Decision-making , Licentiate thesis, 2006.
  13. Per Wikman Svahn, Ethical Aspects of Radiation Protection , Licentiate thesis, 2006.
  14. Hélène Hermansson, Ethical Aspects of Risk Management , Licentiate thesis, 2006.
  15. Madeleine Hayenhjelm, Trust, Risk and Vulnerability , Licentiate thesis, 2006.
  16. Holger Rosencrantz, Goal-setting and Goal-achieving in Transport Policy , Licentiate thesis, 2006.
  17. Kalle Grill, Anti-paternalism , Licentiate thesis, 2006.
  18. Jonas Clausen Mork, Is it Safe? Safety Factor Reasoning in Policy Making under Uncertainty , Licentiate thesis, 2006.
  19. Anders J. Persson, Workplace Ethics: Some Practical and Foundational Problems , Doctoral thesis, 2006.
  20. Eva Hedfors, Reading Fleck: Questions on Philosophy and Science , Doctoral thesis, 2006.
  21. Nicolas Espinoza, Incomparable Risks, Values and Preferences , Licentiate thesis, 2006.
  22. Mikael Dubois, Prevention and Social Insurance — Conceptual and Ethical Aspects , Licentiate thesis, 2007.
  23. Birgitte Wandall, Influences on Toxicological Risk Assessments , Licentiate thesis, 2007.
  24. Madeleine Hayenhjelm, Trusting and Taking Risks: A Philosophical Inquiry , Doctoral thesis, 2007.
  25. Hélène Hermansson, Rights at Risk – Ethical Issues in Risk Management , Doctoral thesis, 2007.
  26. Elin Palm, The Ethics of Workplace Surveillance , Doctoral thesis, 2008.
  27. Jessica Nihlén Fahlquist, Moral Responsibility and the Ethics of Traffic Safety , Doctoral Thesis, 2008.
  28. Barbro Björkman [numera: Barbro Fröding], Virtue Ethics, Bioethics, and the Ownership of Biological Material , Doctoral thesis, 2008.
  29. Karin Edvardsson Björnberg, Rational Goal-Setting in Environmental Policy: Foundations and Applications , Doctoral thesis, 2008.
  30. Holger Rosencrantz, Goal-Setting and the Logic of Transport Policy Decisions , Doctoral thesis, 2009.
  31. Kalle Grill, Anti-paternalism and Public Health Policy , Doctoral thesis, 2009.
  32. Marion Godman, Philosophical and Empirical Investigations in Nanoethics , Licentiate thesis, 2009.
  33. Niklas Möller, Thick Concepts in Practice: Normative Aspects of Risk and Safety , Doctoral thesis, 2009.
  34. Johan E. Gustafsson, Essays on Value, Preference, and Freedom , Licentiate thesis, 2009.
  35. Lars Lindblom, The Employment Contract between Ethics and Economics , Doctoral thesis, 2009.
  36. Eduardo Fermé, On the Logic of Theory Change: Extending the AGM Model , Doctoral thesis, 2011.
  37. Linda Johansson, Robots and Moral Agency , Licentiate thesis, 2011.
  38. Johan E. Gustafsson, Preference and Choice , Doctoral thesis, 2011.
  39. Per Norström, Technology Education and Non-Scientific Technological Knowledge , Licentiate thesis, 2011.
  40. Jonas Clausen Mork, Dealing with Uncertainty , Doctoral thesis, 2012.
  41. Per Wikman-Svahn, Ethical Aspects of Radiation Risk Management , Doctoral thesis, 2012.
  42. Karim Jebari, Crucial Considerations: Essays on the Ethics of Emerging Technologies , Licentiate thesis, 2012.
  43. Linda Johansson, Autonomous Systems in Society and War , Doctoral thesis, 2013.
  44. Dan Munter, Ethics at Work: Two Essays on the Firm's Moral Responsibilities Towards Its Employees , Licentiate thesis, 2013.
  45. Sara Belfrage, In the Name of Research: Essays on the Ethical Treatment of Human Research Subjects , Doctoral thesis, 2014.
  46. Patrik Baard, Sustainable Goals: Feasible Paths to Desirable Long-Term Futures , Licentiate thesis, 2014.
  47. William Bülow, Ethics of Imprisonment: Essays in Criminal Justice Ethics , Licentiate thesis, 2014.
  48. Per Norström, Technological Knowledge and Technology Education , Doctoral thesis, 2014.
  49. Anna Stenkvist, Pictures and Mathematics: Essays on Geometrical Representation, Pictorial Realism and Representational Abilities , Licentiate thesis, 2014.
  50. Karim Jebari, Human Enhancement and Technological Uncertainty: Essays on the Promise and Peril of Emerging Technology , Doctoral thesis, 2014.
  51. Mikael Dubois, The Justification and Legitimacy of the Active Welfare State: Some Philosophical Aspects , Doctoral thesis, 2015.
  52. Payam Moula, Ethical Aspects of Crop Biotechnology in Agriculture , Licentiate thesis, 2015.
  53. Jesper Jerkert, Philosophical Issues in Medical Intervention Research , Licentiate thesis, 2015.
  54. Alexander Mebius, Philosophical Controversies in the Evaluation of Medical Treatments: With a Focus on the Evidential Roles of Randomization and Mechanisms in Evidence-Based Medicine , Doctoral thesis, 2015.
  55. Patrik Baard, Cautiously Utopian Goals: Philosophical Analyses of Climate Change Objectives and Sustainability Targets , Doctoral thesis, 2016.
  56. William Bülow, Unfit to live among others: Essays on the ethics of imprisonment,  Doctoral thesis, 2017.
  57. Björn Lundgren, Semantic Information & Information Security: Definitional Issues,  Licentiate thesis, 2017.
  58. Robert Erdeniz, Military Operations Planning and Methodology: Thoughts on Military Problem-Solving , Licentiate thesis, 2017.
  59. Jesper Ahlin, Personal Autonomy and Informed Consent: Conceptual and Normative Analyses , Licentiate thesis, 2017.
  60. Li Zhang, On Non-Prioritized Multiple Belief Revision , Doctoral thesis, 2018.
  61. Björn Lundgren, Information, Security, Privacy, and Anonymity: Definitional and Conceptual Issues , Doctoral thesis, 2018.
  62. Jesper Ahlin Marceta, Authenticity in Bioethics: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice , Doctoral thesis, 2019.
  63. Karl Sörenson, In Search of Lost Deterrence – Two essays on deterrence and the models employed to study the phenomenon , Licentiate thesis, 2019.
  64. Maria Nordström, Is time money? Philosophical perspectives on the monetary valuation of travel time , Licentiate thesis, 2020.
  65. Jesper Jerkert, Philosophical aspects of evidence and methodology in medicine , Doctoral thesis, 2021.
  66. Anna Wedin, Ethical adaptation to sea level rise: The planner's perspective , Licentiate thesis, 2021.
  67. Henok Girma Abebe, The Rationality and Moral Acceptability of Vision Zero Goal and Its Interventions , Licentiate thesis, 2021.
  68. Karl Sörenson, Deterrence Games for the 21st Century: Representation, Theory and Evidence, Doctoral thesis, 2022
  69. Maria Nordström, Time, justice and the future of mobility: Essays in philosophy of transport , Doctoral thesis, 2022

Dissertations in risk and safety

The item numbers below refer to the official series of dissertations in risk and safety published by the division, Theses in Risk and Safety from the Division of Philosophy at the Royal Institute of Technology (ISSN 1654-627X). The links refer to DiVA item pages.

  1. Nordberg Anna, Priority Setting Strategies for Regulatory Testing of Industrial Chemicals , Licentiate thesis, 2007
  2. Lindberg Anna-Karin, Experience Feedback in Practice , Licentiate thesis, 2008
  3. Linda Schenk, Managing Chemical Risk through Occupational Exposure Limits , Licentiate thesis, 2009.
  4. Marlene Ågerstrand, Improving the Transparency and Predictability of Environmental Risk Assessments of Pharmaceuticals , Licentiate thesis, 2010.
  5. Anna-Karin Lindberg, Learning from Accidents: Experience Feedback in Practice , Doctoral thesis, 2010.
  6. Linda Schenk, Setting Occupational Exposure Limits: Practices and Outcomes of Toxicological Risk Assessment , Doctoral thesis, 2011.
  7. Linda Molander, Chemicals in Consumer Products: Towards a Safe and Sustainable Use , Licentiate thesis, 2012.
  8. Marlene Ågerstrand, From Science to Policy: Improving Environmental Risk Assessment and Management of Chemicals , Doctoral thesis, 2012.
  9. Thomas Falk, Safety Reviews of Technical System Modifications in the Nuclear Industry , Licentiate thesis, 2013.
  10. Qian Ding, Regulatory Tools for Managing Chemicals Risk at the Workplace , Doctoral thesis, 2013.
  11. Max Boholm, Risk, Language and Discourse , Doctoral thesis, 2016.
  12. Henrik Lindholm, Trying to Secure Decent Working Conditions: Do Corporate Social Responsibility Audits Improve Risk Management in Global Garment Supply Chains? , Licentiate thesis, 2016.
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