Welcome to the Division of Philosophy

The Division of Philosophy conducts research, education, and PhD education within many branches of philosophy, particularly philosophy that is connected to technology and its use in society.

Important research areas at the division include:

  • Philosophy of technology
  • Ethics of technology
  • Ethics of biotechnology
  • Decision theory
  • Philosophy of risk
  • Logic
  • Philosophy of science

The Division of Philosophy at KTH was founded in 1999. We are part of the Department of Philosophy and History . Our premises are located at Teknikringen 76 at the KTH main campus.

Student info

On the KTH student info pages you will find links to course syllabi, course schedules, and more

For students

If you are taking one of our TaMoS courses (Theory and methodology of science), you may ask questions by sending an email to tamos.courses@abe.kth.se .