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Focus area 1: Gear Technology

This focus area is followed by an active working group. The Gear Manufacturing Working Group provides a common platform for partners from the industry and research organisations to collaborate on research and innovation topics in the field of gear manufacturing.

Goals and objectives:

  • To provide a productive environment for the industry and research partners to collaborate in topics of common interest and share experience and expertise to attain mutual benefits.
  • To provide the industry with prompt access to experts with desired expertise in the industry’s field interests.
  • To identify and propose innovative and industry relevant research topics for investigation and collaboration.
  • To encourage partnership and communication within the industrial and research partners on topics of common interests.
  • To select and perform research on technologies with high TRL to help its integration into industrial applications.
  • To train and educate personnel of the industry partners and other interested companies in the technologies developed through the R&D cluster projects.

Current Topics:

  • Gear skiving

  • Super finishing of gears

  • Gear cutting tools

  • Clean steels

If you have interests in the topics, please contact the working group coordinator:

Jannik Henser
Jannik Henser
Föreståndare +46 8 790 9068
Brinellvägen 68 114 28 Stockholm Sverige Rum K 534