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Swedish Centre for Smart Grids and Energy Storage

Towards the smart electrical grid of the future

SweGRIDS is the Swedish Centre for Smart Grids and Energy Storage.

Started in December 2011, and completed in June 2022, it was a partnership of academia, industry and public utilities, with major funding from the Swedish Energy Agency  and from corporate partners  that include major manufacturers and utilities.

The overarching purpose was to develop new and improved devices and methods that will help achieve the European Union’s ambitious targets for greater use of renewable energy sources and improved energy efficiency. Some one hundred scientists have worked within SweGRIDS, on development of electric power grids that can reliably and economically handle higher proportions of renewable generation and widespread energy trading. Sponsor companies have implemented some of the research results.

The pages about Individual Projects  give a lot more detail, including project abstracts and publication lists.

In rounded summary of SweGRIDS statistics over its entire 10½ year duration:

  • 27 postdoc projects, 70 PhD projects, 3 others finishing with licentiate degrees
  • 400 journal publications and 500 conference publications
  • total budget 500 million kronor (cash and inkind)

The centre's operation was split into three phases, based on updated goals and new application for the continued funding:

  • Phase 1 ran for 2 years, from 2011 to 2013.
  • Phase 2 ran for 4 years, from 2013 to 2017 with a budget of around 206 million kronor.
  • Phase 3 was approved in 2017, and ran over the 4½ years from the start of 2018 up to the end of June 2022, with a budget of 228 million kronor.
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