This is the official information about postgraduate courses at KTH. The courses may be searched by course name, part of name or course code.

Instructions for searching
  • You can search using part of the course name or code. Searching for "data" will return "Data Storage Paradigms" as well as "Database Techniques" and "Algorithms, Data Structures and Complexity".
  • Searching for "part 1" will return courses with both part and 1 in course name or code, for example "SI2610 Many Particle Physics" and "DD1343 Computer Science and Numerical Methods, part 1".
  • Searching for more than one word will return courses containing all of the words.
  • Both the English and the Swedish course names are searched. Searching for "metod" will return the course "Computer Science Methods" with the Swedish name "Datalogisk metod".
  • At most 250 hits will be displayed. If you get too many hits, try to narrow the search conditions.
  • The search does not distinguish between upper and lower case characters.
  • It is not possible to use special characters, like quotes, in the search. These characters will be removed before the search is performed.
  • Courses that are no longer offered or dormant at KTH are not shown.
At the Search course page you can search for all courses at KTH, including third cycle courses, by using search criteria.