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SFINX - Intensive Swedish for Engineers and Architects

SFINX is a programme directed towards foreign engineers and architects who want to study Swedish in a faster pace. The goal of the programme is to provide the participants with good knowledge in the Swedish language, including technical terminology, as well as knowledge about the Swedish labour market. All of this in order to facilitate finding a job in relevant field.


SFINX is a collaboration between KTH, the County Administrative Board, Storsthlm and the municipalities of Stockholm and Järfälla, and is part of the regional collaboration Swedish for professionals, Sfx .

The programme starts with intensive Swedish courses at Stockholm SIFA or Järfälla Lärcentrum. Later on in the programme, the Sfinx-participants have the opportunity to audit courses at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, parallell to studying Swedish. Throughout the programme, the particants are offered guidance. There is also a possibility to apply to a mentorship programme through the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers (sverigesingenjorer.se) .

Admission to the SFINX program is made by Stockholm Stad (SIFA) and in Järfälla (Järfälla Lärcentrum). They also offer networks with other engineers and architects, contact with the labor market through study visits and possible mentoring programs.

More information on SFINX (sfx.se)

SFINX is for students who:

• have a foreign Bachelor´s degree in engineering or architecture
• have been in Sweden for 3 years at the most, with a residence permit
• have not completed SVA grund (do not yet have a grade in SVA grund)
• have knowledge corresponding to English 6 if you apply to Stockholm SIFA. Järfälla Lärcentrum does not have a specific requirement when it comes level of English proficiency

SFINX offers:

  • intensive Swedish studies (you start at your current linguistic level, preferably from beginners level)
  • courses in Swedish up to level Swedish as a second language, SVA 3.
  • opportunity to audit courses at KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • knowledge of the Swedish engineering industry and Swedish working culture
  • mentorship program for which The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers is responsible


More information on course starts and how to apply to Sfinx (sfx.se)

If you don't have a recognition of your foreign degree from the Swedish Council for Higher Education (uhr.se) , you need to make an application. If you obtained an assessment of your foreign degree, you need to attach a copy of it in your application to SFINX. If the assessment is not yet finalized, state the case number from UHR in the application form to SFINX.


SIFA, Stockholm Intensive Swedish for Academics, Stockholm

If you have questions regarding the admissions procedure and entry requirements for SFINX at SIFA, contact;

Anna Perez Schönning, Stockholm
Phone: 08-508 35 775

Dinara Sabdenova
Phone: 08-508 35 446

Åsa Lovekrans, studycounsellor
Phone: 08-508 49 500

Järfälla Lärcentrum

If you have questions regarding SFINX at Järfälla Lärcentrum, contact;

Tereza Joud, studievägledare
Telefon: 08-580 228 19


If you have questions regarding auditing courses at KTH, contact;
Helen Waldur, study- and career counsellor/sfinx coordinator
Phone: 08-790 71 90

Anna-Lena Martin, sfinx coordinator
Phone: 08-790 62 59

Collaborators in Sfinx

Picture of logotypes for collaborators in Sfinx; the County Administrative Board, KTH, the municipality of Stockholm, the municipality of Järfälla, the Swedish Association of graduate engineers, Sfx and Storsthlm
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