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Keeping an open mind

I think it has always been our intention, and we’ve previously shared our code freely in more informal manners, but we’ve never quite gotten around to actually do the full monty and go open. But here you go.


So, it’s kind of scary. Someone might actually for bewildering reasons stumble across it and see the embarrassing mess we are producing and recognize us for the complete nitwits we are. But then it was alway bound to happen at some point, so we thought we might as well just go ahead and get it over with.

First out are a couple of bits previously mentioned in this blog, such as our django-cas embrace-and-extension, and the WebTex TeX -to-PNG-transformation service. Accompanying these is TinyWebTex, a TinyMCE plugin front end for the WebTex service which I’ll get back to later.

We’ll be putting stuff there that we believe, just might, be interesting for someone else. In the unlikely event you find it useful after vast improvements of your own, please let us know so we may integrate your work for the benefit of all.

Best regards,
The ITA/Infosys team.

Jag arbetar som chef över IT-arkitekturgruppen på IT-avdelningen på KTH.

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