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Update on situation at ITM

Dear colleagues,
First, I wish to thank all of you for your fine work, even though most of you have to carry out your tasks from home. It seems like we all have learned a new way of working. It seems so natural to have the meetings using Zoom today, so that many times I wonder why we did not use it more often.

Still, I wish to stress the importance of keeping yourself updated on the corona situation by reading As I mentioned before, the President has a crisis group that meet every day. Based on these meetings the website is being updated every day.

I also wish to share some information on what is going on:

  • The ITM management group meet officially every Tuesday between 15.00 – 17.00 in order to inform each other about the current situation and to make things work as smooth as possible.
  • The Learning department is working extra hard to be a support to all teachers needing to transform to the new situation. Currently there is also a focus on how to assist teachers in giving digital examinations in the upcoming Easter exam period. A very good news and example of how we collaborate during these times is that 15 other people from KTH have joined their efforts to help the Learning department to carry out these important tasks to assist KTH’s teachers.
  • The administration is working as usual, but we are using digital signatures to a greater extent, to speed up each case. I think all of you can see from your e-mails that the administration response to your requests fast.
  • The President has made a decision to move the RAE visit week to 2021 (week 34). In total 82 international and national experts are involved in this evaluation and it is too hard to carry out this big event as was planned to take place in August 2020. It should be noted that an internal review will take place during 2020, based on the information that already has been gathered by all researchers.

Finally, I again wish to thank all of you for trying to do your best working from your homes. This is a new situation for all of us and we need to find new ways to fulfil our duties at KTH.  Also, do not forget to get some fresh air during your breaks. The spring is slowly showing up and it is quite refreshing to get some sun and a nice walk in the nearby neighborhood.

/Pär Jönsson, Head of the ITM School