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Overnight transformation to online education

I hope you are all healthy and still feel connected to KTH in these strange times when we’re all forced to work so much remotely from home. Since KTH of course gives priority to ensure that our students can complete their education (at the same time as we all work to reduce the spread of the covid-19 virus) studies and exams will take place remotely for the rest of the semester. This means that we must plan for alternative teaching and examination forms (and also make sure to attest invoices the same day they arrive to help our sub-contractors). You have all struggled extensively to execute all P4 courses by the help of digital tools and I am deeply impressed of the amazing result that ITM’s teachers has accomplished.

Personally my working days are filled with different investigations into the plethora of educational challenges that has arisen, as well as discussions and decisions in the multitude of meetings that the Committee for First and Second Cycle Education executes. The issues we discuss and then decide upon are presented here.

A page I hope both students are employees visit regularly.

Now the first major test of digital examination will come up during the re-exam period 14-17th of April. It will be an exciting and interesting time and I have the same challenges as many of you since I’m conducting a re-exam of my P3 course. So if you, like me, are trying to figure out the best way to design your digital re-exam please check out these useful pages (in Swedish).

And don’t miss out on the useful Lunch-n-learn seminars that are given every day this week through Zoom! Both coming and previous seminars are available here.

Finally I want to take the opportunity to wish you all a Happy Easter with lots of rest and good food.

Anna Jerbrant, Deputy Head of School

Deputy Head of School & Director of First and Second Cycle Education