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Longing for a better future

Times is passing very quickly and we are soon leaving the month of April. This is a month were we know the weather is changing from summer weather to winter weather. Typically, we wear shorts and T-shirts one day and the next day we rapidly need to change clothes and remove ice from the car window. Soon entering May we long for warmer weather, but mostly we long for an improvement in the corona-virus situation. Some of the people at ITM has caught the virus, but not too many to my knowledge. A few of them has already come back to work.

In order not to spread the virus most of the ITM personnel work from home. We have heard mixed signals saying that “it is great to work from home” to that “I am bored to work from home”. Have patience, those of you longing for a new exciting activity will be happy. The administration at ITM led by Anna Blendow has pitched a competition and challenged the other schools at KTH. They thought it was a great idea, so keep your eyes open for We+, you will soon have more information about this.

Finally, I have one suggestion to those of you longing to celebrate the end of winter and to sing for the coming of spring: sing while watching the bonfire on Walpurgis on television!

/ Pär Jönsson, Head of the ITM School