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Make your voice heard!

ITM School’s Faculty Assembly

Dear colleagues,
This time I wish to bring up the subject of making your voice heard in a democratic society. This message is especially directed to all teachers that have the possibility to vote for members to the new ITM School’s Faculty Assembly (Skolkollegium), which the KTH President has decided to initiate. Each of our five schools should have their own Faculty Assembly that will interact with the Faculty Council of KTH to discuss issues relating to the quality of education, research and community interaction. An electoral roll has been created and e-mails have been sent to all teachers on the roll.

The task is that each person should vote for one woman and one man from each department. At the end of the day, we will have 14 people from our 7 departments that will make up this new Faculty Assembly. At ITM, we started this procedure earlier this year by asking the teachers to go to our Student Offices to vote. However, very few people voted and we could not finish the voting before the corona crises started. Since then the ITM administration has tried to find solutions on how to carry out the voting in a digital setup. Since no one at KTH could help us, we had to get external help. Thus, now we have made it possible to hold the election and you can find more details in this link: Vote for the new ITM School Faculty Assembly

I kindly ask each teacher to vote before the deadline on Sunday April 28.

Digital exams

We have been able to give all exams during the re-exam period. Currently, Anna Jerbrant and her colleagues working with education are evaluating how it went to learn from both good and bad examples. At the same time, the departments have already started to plan for the exam period at the end of this semester. ITM will organize a large number of exams. Here, the Department Heads will designate faculty as well as PhD students to supervise these exams (tentavakter).  In addition, we will also need to help each other from different departments where it will be necessary. In these times, we need to collaborate even more in order to fulfill our duties!

Working time and leisure time

Finally, I wish to say that many of you have suffered from working at home for a number of weeks now. We have clear signals from you that it both has been boring to work from home as well as hard to differentiate between working time and leisure time. My advice is to fix a working schedule per day and let your closest manager know when you sign in and sign out to, create a more structured day. Also, do not forget to enjoy the wonderful spring on your leisure time!

/Pär Jönsson, Head of the ITM School