Updated MTLS Course List

MTLS Molecular Techniques in Life Science has just updated its course list for incoming students in Fall 2018. Make sure to have a look at the list before submitting your application!

Green: new courses

Blue: modified courses (compared with 2016 cohort)

  • Genetics (5.0 hp)
  • Frontiers in Translational Medicine (16.5 hp)
  • Applied Communication (7.0 hp)
  • Applied Programming for Life Science I (1.5 hp)

For detailed description (unofficial and from a personal perspective) of the courses, you may take a look my previous blog about Genetics, Applied Communication and Frontiers in Translational Medicine. (Bear in mind that they may or may not correspond to the updated course content)

  • Bioinformatics (7.0 hp)
  • Methods in Molecular Life Science (7.0 hp)
  • Structure and Dynamics of Biological Membranes (7.0 hp)
  • Comparative Genomics (7.5 hp)
  • Applied Programming for Life Science II (1.5 hp)

Same, you might find Carolina, our best ambassador at Karolinska Institute’s blog very useful for preparing Methods in Molecular Life Science. I also wrote about the Bioinformatics and the predecessor of Structure and Dynamics of Biological Membranes in my previous blog.

Here is Carolina’s blog at KI website: /carolinasavatierdupre/

  • Applied Gene Technology and Large-scale Data Analysis (7.5 hp)
  • Clinical Applications of Biotechnology (6.0 hp)
  • Applied Programming for Life Science III (1.5 hp)

Choose 2 courses out of 3

  • Systems Biology (7.5 hp)
  • Drug Development (7.5 hp)
  • Project in Molecular Life Science (7.5 hp)

  • Master’s Dissertation (30 hp)

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2 thoughts on “Updated MTLS Course List”

  1. Dear Tianlin,
    Thank you for sharing your study and life in your blog.
    I‘m a student applying for the Master program in Molecular Techniques in Life Science, and I have a question about the content of this program. Does this program focus more on specific biomedicine questions and the application of high-throughput wet experimental techniques as well as methods and tools in bioinformatics, or on the development of those techniques, methods and tools?

  2. Hi Rose,

    If I understand you correctly, you are asking if our program is application or development-focused.

    It is rare to participate in the actual development of a novel technique/product before you do a phD, no matter where you study and what kind of programme you study. So I would say that we learn these techniques (their principle, development and applications)in the master-level courses, then we have plenty of opportunities to use them when you perform the master thesis project, or even to invent something new.

    In addition, you may have a feeling of the typical master thesis projects that people do here, by visiting this website (Degree-Project at ScilifeLab): scilifelab.se/vacancies/degree-projects/

    Hope that it addresses (part of) your question!

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