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Second Course: Applied Communication

The course of applied communication is one of the best courses at KI. It is a course that focuses on the development of individual’s ability to communicate scientific knowledge. It can be often observed that a groundbreaking research when poorly presented makes it unappealing to the audience. Thus, presenting one’s research in an engaging way is of utmost importance. The course of applied communication targets to do the same.

The course is very well designed to cover various aspects of communication. The course starts with Poster presentation, Scientific writing, Rhetorics and ends with Bioethics. Each section is explored in an interactive manner over a period of a week.

In the first week we started with introduction to Poster Presentation. We were divided into groups and given a list of research paper to a select from. After few weeks of preparation, we presented to our peers in an interactive and constructive feedback session. We were able to see and understand the use of different styles of organizing the posters.

Here is an example: My group’s poster

Further, in the course we had lectures on Scientific communication. In these sessions we learned about practical details of screening papers for literature review, reading, writing and finally publishing papers. We gained practical experience of peer review during the course. Each of us had to write an abstract from an already published paper. Then we were assigned a peer reviewer (fellow classmate) to send it for a detailed review. The reviewer had to read the paper, assess the abstract and write a report on the same. This report was later discussed in a group as a constructive feedback.

An example of peer reviewed abstract.

Coming to the best part of the course; the Rhetorics session. Our first session was a body language class. A dramatics director and performer from Uppsala University was our instructor for the day. We started with freeing our body with small exercises, and actions in form of a game. Later, we performed an exercise to amplify our voice and feel more confident to speak. It was hilarious, as it was making funny, weird, loud noises that are of different tones and pitches.

After all the body and sound exercises, we explored the aspect of details and imagination. One week before the class we were asked to prepare two things. One of which was to recollect a memory that would include adventures or different experiences. We had to narrate our memory to our peers with maximum details like the description of the landscape, life style of people around, auditory cues, olfactory elements, etc. so that they can live and experience the same feeling sitting inside the room. At the end, the listeners were to describe the feeling they experienced during the narration.

The post lunch session we integrated everything we learned in the morning to our acts. We had to present a poem or a song of our choice that we were asked to prepare in advance as the second task. Except it had to be expressed with all the emotions to make the audience give a feeling of actually living the experience. There were various suggestions and improvements made to this by the audience and or instructor.

The poem I choose depicted struggle, and in order to show that, we did something out of the box. I was being held back by two friends and I had to try moving: depicting the struggle. In the second round I did it without anyone holding me back. This enabled me how simple things can be done to improve one’s expression on stage.

Me, acting in the Rhetorics class                                                                PC: Vijay

Later in the week we also had a chance to practice the same with scientific presentations and try innovative things. We learned the difference styles of presenting specific to the type of audience.


This course helped us learn about the importance of presenting in correct style to the respective audience. It was not only a chance to learn, but also to develop one’s confidence on stage and in daily life. It filled us with new energy for the new courses.