Admission results!

Finally the admission results week is here. This week on Thursday i.e. 4th April, 2019 the results for the admission will be published. It is a time of excitement as well as nervousness.

To help the prospective students through this, I have some useful information. The results will be published on the university admission’s website, the one from which the application was submitted. Last year the results were published around afternoon Swedish time, so do not panic, it can take some time for the results to show on the results day.

The results page will have the four programmes that you had applied to, and next to that, it will say Admitted or conditionally admitted if you have been accepted into the program. In this case the rest of the options will appear as deleted. Let me remind you that, the order in which the programmes were selected matters. If you are admitted to the programme that was your first choice then the rest of them will be deleted.

What does conditionally admitted mean?

It means that you have been accepted however, you need to fulfill some conditions which is typically, the payment of first semester tution fees in case of international fee paying students. The second requirement is to submit a soft copy of the bachelor’s degree certificate. Don’t worry, the deadline for this is late December, as most of the universities give the final degree certificate much later. Further, details will be given on the notification selection letter.

What to do next?

On the website there is an option to download the admission results or so called the ‘Notification of selection results’. This is a very important document until you get the welcome letter from your department or programme coordinator. It is a 3 page document and has all the details of your selection and the requirements for the conditionally admitted students.This letter will help you to apply for Swedish residential permit (visa), as well as act as a proof for acceptance in case of inquiries or any other discrepancies.

Notification of selection results

The ‘Personal code no.’ mentioned on the application front page, below the application number is a long number. It is birth date followed by a T and 3 numbers. YYYYMMDD-TXXX. This number will be useful when you arrive in Stockholm to set up few temporary things until you are officially registered at the tax agency and have your personal number. This number will act as your temporary personal number.

I will be posting different information here to guide you through the process after the admission all the way to reaching Stockholm and setting various important things such as Bank account, etc.

Please feel free to ask me relevant questions for the process. You can find more information on the KTH website as well as other social media channels of Facebook and KTH Instagram handle.

Stay tuned!