SU Course: Applied Programming for Life Sciences II

The Stockholm University follows a pattern of single full time courses, as opposed to Karolinska and KTH. However, this course for our masters programme is an exception.

The Applied Programming for Life Sciences is the continuation of python programming course from the Karolinska Institute. The course instructor Lars Arvestad conducts the classes distributed throughout the semester.

It is a very small course with 1.5 credits, with the focus on three main topics: Structuring and modularising python scripts, Classes and Objects and writing a command line tool.

The command line tool that has help options like the professional command line tool.

Each concept is covered in individual class at the Albanova campus of SU. Each class is 2 hours long and followed by an build up exercise to implement new concepts on the previous exercise.


Frozen lake next to our class building. We went walking on the lake during our breaks!

Another important aspect of this class was the instructors emphasis on writing codes in a standard format. The reason being, if we revert to the code after a year then we should be able to understand what the code does and how it does that. This practice has helped me a lot in the other courses where I was able to write codes with comments and doc strings, which not only helped me understand my code later but also my team mates who were doing the project with me.