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MTLS master’s thesis

The thesis for the MTLS masters is 1 semester long. This is the standard length of thesis in Swedish universities and institutes. One of the big advantage of MTLS joint programme is that being part of three institutes, one is already exposed to researchers from various labs from the 3 institutes as well as SciLife Lab within the duration of the programme through lectures and seminars. Thus, one can start planning and approaching faculties very early during the masters for a thesis position. And of course, you are free to apply to any other lab anywhere in the world!!

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When to look for a lab for masters thesis?

I strongly recommend to start looking for labs as early as possible, because although there are many labs, it still becomes quite challenging to get a position in the lab of your choice, since there are many students applying for the same positions. Many positions in well known labs are filled 6 months or a year in advance.

How to approach?

The best way to approach is by writing an email with a cover letter and CV. It is always better to have a cover letter that is a tailored towards the lab and how your research experience so far is linked to the work done in the lab. However, if you have not had any research experience in the field then you can always link it to the courses you had in your masters and say how you would like to explore the field a bit more.

How to Write a Cover Letter

What if I don’t get any position?

As mentioned before, getting a masters thesis project of choice can be difficult. Luckily, the project course during the 2nd period of KTH semester can be very helpful. Before the beginning of the course, students are given two options 1) to approach a lab of interest and propose a project yourself 2) select a project from the list of projects proposed by different labs that are interested and willing to take students for this course. If you haven’t been able to find a lab or if you are confused about the field you want to go in, this is one of the last chance to try something new. Some of my classmates who selected the 2nd option are now continuing their thesis projects in the same lab!