What to do when waiting for admission results at KTH? Call up week!

Hello everyone! It is the waiting time before the notification of selection results are out. Let me remind you they are announced in the mid-March i.e. in the week 10. However, this waiting time can be quite stressful and full of anxiety, so it is crucial that you take de-stress and enjoy your time before … Continue reading “What to do when waiting for admission results at KTH? Call up week!”

KTH course : Systems Biology part-2

A quick recap to the course : Systems biology course has 3 main modules, and I talked about the 1st module of Statistics in the previous blog. Today I will be telling more about the 2nd and the 3rd modules. Module 2: Metabolic modelling As the name suggests it is the modelling of complex metabolic … Continue reading “KTH course : Systems Biology part-2”

KTH course : Systems Biology part-1

The second half of KTH semester is reserved for the elective courses for the MTLS students. As mentioned earlier, get to choose 2 out of 3 courses. I selected the two electives of Systems Biology and the Project course. I will be telling more about the project course later. The systems biology course has 3 … Continue reading “KTH course : Systems Biology part-1”

Course Reviews (Batch : 2018-2020)

KI courses 1.  First course at Karolinska Institute: Genetics 2.  Second Course: Applied Communication 3.  Third course: Applied Programming for Life Sciences 4.  a) Fourth course: Fromtiers in Translational Medicine (Part-1)      b) Fourth course: Frontiers in Translational Medicine (Part-2) SU course 1.  a) SU course: Bioinformatics (Part-1)      b) SU course: Bioinformatics … Continue reading “Course Reviews (Batch : 2018-2020)”

KTH course: Clinical applications of biotechnology

The 3rd mandatory course of the KTH semester’s first period deals with the research into cancer fields with a special emphasis on breast cancer, clinical research with some insights into ethics of clinical research. The course has three main aspects: 1. Theory lectures The theory lectures focus on the fundamentals of breast cancer while touching … Continue reading “KTH course: Clinical applications of biotechnology”