SU Course: Methods in Molecular Life Sciences Part-1

The next course in the Masters is of Methods in Molecular Life Sciences. This course is also a two part course like the Bioinformatics course. The two parts are : 1. Theory lectures 2. Lab practicals 1. Experimentation and data generation – Wet lab 2. Data analysis – Dry lab 1. Theory lectures There are … Continue reading “SU Course: Methods in Molecular Life Sciences Part-1”

Appointment for Biometrics

Once you have submitted your application for the Residential permit, and paid the fees, the next step is to book an appointment for submitting your biometrics. Swedish residential permit is in the form of a card. This card contains your biometrics information. This includes fingerprints, signature and photo. In order to submit this information with … Continue reading “Appointment for Biometrics”

Applying for Residential Permit

The Visa for Sweden is called as he Swedish Residential Permit. If you are a non-EU (non-European Union) country, then you will probably need a residential permit. Application for Residential Permit or RP is relatively easy. The application is made online using the Swedish Migration agency’s website. The Swedish Migration agency is called Migrationsverket. You can … Continue reading “Applying for Residential Permit”

Admission results!

Finally the admission results week is here. This week on Thursday i.e. 4th April, 2019 the results for the admission will be published. It is a time of excitement as well as nervousness. To help the prospective students through this, I have some useful information. The results will be published on the university admission’s website, … Continue reading “Admission results!”