Spring can’t be far behind: Photos of Stockholm in March

The switch from standard clock to European Summer Time is in effective since last Sunday, which is a move that symbolizes the arrival of spring in most of the continent, as I was told. But the weather is merciless: we experienced a day of snow shower yesterday and are expected to see more today. Hmm…..might … Continue reading “Spring can’t be far behind: Photos of Stockholm in March”

A Bite of Hong Kong in Egg Tart

March is the busiest month I have ever had in Sweden. My schedule is full: we began the challenging machine learning course in bioinformatics (given that I learned programming only two months ago); I took the preliminary national test in Swedish twice in a week; I visited the annual job fair at Karolinska and will … Continue reading “A Bite of Hong Kong in Egg Tart”

Encounter Gender Equality in Sweden

After looking at a trivial aspect in Swedish national health care system in my previous blog How to book an appointment with doctor in Sweden, I will talk about another signature of this great country: gender equality. Everyone knows that Sweden is always listed on top in terms of gender equality, which is an important … Continue reading “Encounter Gender Equality in Sweden”

Activities on Ice and Snow

CLIMATE IN STOCKHOLM Before stepping into our main topic, winter activities in Stockholm, I will first talk about the climate and weather in Stockholm, because these activities are not possible without them! As a matter of fact, winter in Stockholm lasts from November to March. From middle December to February, then average temperature will drop … Continue reading “Activities on Ice and Snow”

How to book an appointment with doctor in Sweden?

Sweden is well-known for its excellent social health care system and its high-standard medical service. How to make use of the medical service when you need it? This blog talks about one most common situation that every one might face: to book an appointment with doctor — it focuses on technical details and “tricks”! Step … Continue reading “How to book an appointment with doctor in Sweden?”