Applying for Residential Permit

The Visa for Sweden is called as he Swedish Residential Permit. If you are a non-EU (non-European Union) country, then you will probably need a residential permit.

Application for Residential Permit or RP is relatively easy. The application is made online using the Swedish Migration agency’s website. The Swedish Migration agency is called Migrationsverket. You can find the link to the website here. The website is in Swedish, however, you can view this in different languages, there is an option at the top of the page to change languages. I recommend using this option, sometimes google translate might not be accurate and can also cause trouble loading some options.

On the main webpage, there is an option to apply for a new application. From the drop-down list select the option of ‘Permission to study’. This new page has the detailed information of everything. It is best to spend some time and read all the information before starting the application.

I am writing a checklist that can be used as a reference before starting the application. The requirements for the document is very specific and needs to be followed strictly. A deviation from the required format can cause delay in the decision making process. For further details please check the website.

Checklist before starting the application:

  1. Scanned copy of Passport. It has to be scanned properly, including all the corners.
  2. Download the admit letter (Notification of selections) from the This is the proof of acceptance. Further, you can also upload the welcome letter from your home department. (It can take some time for the students of the joint masters programmes to get this).
  3. FAS+ insurance. This is provided to all the international fee paying students by KTH. This is to be uploaded as health insurance certificate.
  4. Bank statement of the sum required to for the application from a single holder bank account. The account must be in the name of the applicant only. (Statements from the joint holder’s account are not accepted).
  5. Receipt of the Tution fee payment.
Bank statement requirements for application

Once you have the documents ready, click on the start application. You have to select the option of ‘Private Individual’ and login option of using the ‘Username and Password’. Create a new account using an email ID. Make sure to have an email ID that’s accessible an in routine use. You will receive all the important information on this ID.

Once you have the account ready, login using the same and follow the instructions. The application period will be of 13 months. You will have to extend the permit after a year from Sweden.

Application login options (Use the one highlighted with the blue arrow)

The information that you have filled in your application is saved for a short period of time (generally 2-3 days). You will be able to see this information when you log out from your application. However, the information can still be found later, but it is best to submit in the given period just to avoid the need to fill everything again from start.

The whole process is very straight forward. The best way to get a quick decision is to submit all the documents in the required format and according to the given specifications. However, if there is any kind of problems, then you can contact the migration agency by email, they respond very quickly. Further, after submitting the application, if they find something missing or incomplete, then the migration agency gets back to you with the requirements of extra information and the details on how to submit them.

Next step is to book an appointment for biometrics. I will write about this soon.  So stay tuned!

KTH tution fee payment

I have been admitted, but what to do next? How to confirm my admission with KTH? How to apply for Swedish visa? How to get housing, etc etc. Do not worry about these questions. I will be writing a series of posts to guide you through the process.

Once you have received an offer, first step would be to confirm your position. For an international tution fee paying student, this can be done by paying the tution fees for the first semester. You will receive the invoice with the tution fees for the first semester. The due date to pay the fees and confirm your admission is 31st May, 2019.

For the EU students, generally there is no specific process to be followed as such to confirm your admission.

Credit card

The easiest way to pay the tution fees is by a credit card.

For this, open the link mentioned in the email that says ‘’. This will redirect you to a payment portal as shown below. There it will ask for Invoice/OCR number and customer ID. These are mentioned on the top right corner of the invoice. Fill these and follow the instructions on the screen.

Fee payment portal

Bank Transfer

However, it is relatively difficult to have credit cards with such high credit limit, so most people opt for bank transfer option.

Most of the banks have a form that needs to be filled that is specific to the bank. So the best way is to go to the branch of your bank and enquire about money transfer or wire transfer. The bank employees should then guide you through the process.

Invoice. Yellow color highlights the important details

However, one of the most important thing is to mention the customer number and the Invoice number, on the bank forms of wire transfer. These numbers are mentioned on the top right side of the Invoice. The forms have a blank space where you can mention these. Sometimes there is no specific provision on the forms to mention anything, in that case you should ask the staff about this and ensure that these numbers are mentioned during the wire transfer. This is how KTH will identify your payment and confirm your admission.

Bank transfer generally take 3-4 working days, so it is a good idea, to start the process early and have some buffer time of at about a week before the due date.

Hope this was helpful. If you have any relevant doubts then feel free to drop in an email.

My next blog will be on ‘How to apply for the Swedish Visa or Swedish residential permit’. So stay tuned!



Admission results!

Finally the admission results week is here. This week on Thursday i.e. 4th April, 2019 the results for the admission will be published. It is a time of excitement as well as nervousness.

To help the prospective students through this, I have some useful information. The results will be published on the university admission’s website, the one from which the application was submitted. Last year the results were published around afternoon Swedish time, so do not panic, it can take some time for the results to show on the results day.

The results page will have the four programmes that you had applied to, and next to that, it will say Admitted or conditionally admitted if you have been accepted into the program. In this case the rest of the options will appear as deleted. Let me remind you that, the order in which the programmes were selected matters. If you are admitted to the programme that was your first choice then the rest of them will be deleted.

What does conditionally admitted mean?

It means that you have been accepted however, you need to fulfill some conditions which is typically, the payment of first semester tution fees in case of international fee paying students. The second requirement is to submit a soft copy of the bachelor’s degree certificate. Don’t worry, the deadline for this is late December, as most of the universities give the final degree certificate much later. Further, details will be given on the notification selection letter.

What to do next?

On the website there is an option to download the admission results or so called the ‘Notification of selection results’. This is a very important document until you get the welcome letter from your department or programme coordinator. It is a 3 page document and has all the details of your selection and the requirements for the conditionally admitted students.This letter will help you to apply for Swedish residential permit (visa), as well as act as a proof for acceptance in case of inquiries or any other discrepancies.

Notification of selection results

The ‘Personal code no.’ mentioned on the application front page, below the application number is a long number. It is birth date followed by a T and 3 numbers. YYYYMMDD-TXXX. This number will be useful when you arrive in Stockholm to set up few temporary things until you are officially registered at the tax agency and have your personal number. This number will act as your temporary personal number.

I will be posting different information here to guide you through the process after the admission all the way to reaching Stockholm and setting various important things such as Bank account, etc.

Please feel free to ask me relevant questions for the process. You can find more information on the KTH website as well as other social media channels of Facebook and KTH Instagram handle.

Stay tuned!

Learning Management System

The process of learning is important, however, ultimately, there are exams that are employed to test knowledge acquired as well as to pass the course. For most of the courses the exams are held based on the theoretical lectures and guest lectures conducted through out the course. The presentation from these courses are made available to enable us to study and prepare for the exams.


The system used for this is called Canvas. Canvas is a platform used by all the three universities i.e. KI, SU and KTH for the distribution of the presentations as well as other study material such as review papers, relevant videos, etc.

Assignments and exams on canvas

Canvas has multiple modes for different purposes. We typically receive study material, but in some courses it is very efficiently used to conduct quizzes, and exams as well. It has special discussion boards that can be used to discuss doubts during the exam time directly with the professor as well as with the peers. Further, general announcements regarding the course are also made on canvas. The canvas is linked to the university email id. Any important announcements and updates posted by the instructors are notified by an automatic email.

Study material on canvas

This makes it very easy and flexible for the students to access all the material and discussions in one place. Although, we currently have different canvas accounts for different universities, most probably next year onward, only one account will be used for all courses from all three universities.

I hope this post has given some insight into the system used by the students here in Sweden.

Hiking with the KI hiking group

Stockholm is very close to the nature and has multiple spots and natural reserves where one can go hiking. Today I will share my recent hiking experience with the KI hiking group.


KI Hiking FB page

KI hiking group is a group of enthusiastic people who organise hiking activities almost every other week. They generally take small groups of 12-15 people for various short one day hikes around the Stockholm’s natural reserves. The event is announced on Facebook and there is a sign up link for the hike.

I signed up for once such hiking event. We had planned to go to Bogesund’s nature reserve. It is a place very close to the archipelago of Vaxholm. We started at 10 in the morning, took the bus to reach the starting point of the hike (it was basically in the middle of nowhere). From there we started following the blue marked trail. One good thing about the natural reserves is that almost all of them have multiple trails tracks marked with different color. Each color represents a different path of different length.  The information about these trails can be found on the natural reserve’s website. Further, there are maps of the trails posted on after every few km’s.

Trail maps!

The blue path that we followed was a 10 km hike. A long stretch of the trail was around a frozen lake. It was very peaceful to walk there meeting new people and talking about similar interests.  The trails in this reserve are designed such that at the end of the trails one would have to cross a bridge and reach the island of Vaxholm from where transportation to go back to the city is available.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, tree, outdoor and nature

After crossing almost three fourth of the trail we took a break for lunch. We sat randomly on the rocks next to the trail to eat our packed lunches.

Image may contain: one or more people, tree, outdoor and nature
Lunch time!
After warming up our stomach, we started again. As the reserve leads to an island, there are water bodies everywhere. We stopped at once such place to take a group photo! 

Image may contain: 11 people, people smiling, people standing, outdoor and nature

Finally we reached a point where a yellow trail crossed the blue trail, at this point half of us decided to go on the longer route of yellow trail and rest continued on the blue trail. While following the yellow trail we were lucky enough to spot some deer jumping and running from one side to other. It was amazing to see such animals in their natural environment enjoying themselves. Finally, we reached the bridge connecting the island of Vaxholm and from there we took a bus back to Stockholm.

I discovered two things in this hike. One – It is very easy to go on hikes even on your own as the trails are well marked and its easy to find ones way. Further, such getaways are a good way to have a break from the daily routine and get some good exercise as well. I hope to have more such hikes and explore other reserve soon!

A special thanks to the KI Hiking group for the pictures and for organizing this amazing hike. Keep up the good work!!