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Nobel lecture at the scene: 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

“It is the “Nobel Prize” in ……” is a complement when we describe something highly respectable, prestigious, or festival-like. Now, I will take you to an event, that nothing can be even more respectable, prestigious or festival-like than it —— Yes, I mean the Nobel Lecture in Physiology or Medicine held in Aula Medica, Stockholm!

The lecture is free of entry fee and registration: the only thing required is patience. In order to get a good seat, my friend and I entered at 11.30 (still, we were only able to find a seat on the fifth last row). Suddenly, a crest was approaching closer and closer from the first row. We immediately realised:  came the three Nobel laureates!

It began with the welcoming speeches Karolinsa’s vice chancellor Ole Peter Otersen and a Nobel  committee member at Karolinska. The three laureates, and their landmark study that awards them the Nobel prize, were introduced.

From left to right: Jeffery C Hall, Michael Rosbash, Michael Young

Then, the main dish of this afternoon: three speeches, each 40 min, from each Nobel laureate.

Jeffery C Hall

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Event Reminder: Annual Career Fair at Karolinska Institute

March is the peak season of job hunting: no matter you are looking for a summer job, master thesis, traineeship or a full-time employment, it is the time to be busy with! And if you are fortunately a student of a health sciences related field, then you definitely can’t miss CHaSE: the annual career fair at Karolinska Institution, organized by the Medical Student’s Association.

Below are the participating companies for this year:

Visitors are grated free admission, but make sure that you read those before going:

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