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“Shrove Tuesday”, “Fat Tuesday”,…… in Sweden, the 13th of February has a more down-to-earth name: “Semmeldagen“, the day when people eat as many Semla as they wish!


Before starting to eat your Semla, our KTH blogger Tomas has an amusing story of the history Semmeldagen, which includes the King died of eating Semla (okey, maybe I should not start from here……), that I strongly recommend you to read. My story today is slightly different: it is about how to DIY 40 Semlor (Semlor = plural of Semla) from flour, whipped cream, sugar and almond, in a student corridor with my classmates.


There are a lot of DIY videos online, such as this one:

And you need a colorful recipe, such as this one “Learn to bake Semlor step by step

Matskolan: Lär dig baka semlor

Most importantly, we have Karine, the baking Queen who is so enthusiastic about baking and feeding her hungry classmates!

To start with, you may say that Semla is simply the composition of three elements: almond paste, whipping cream and dough. It is true:


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