Internship opportunities while studying at KTH

Looking for an international internship? KTH offers them too! KTH has various opportunities for doing internships not just in Europe but also in US and Canada. One such organisation at KTH is called the Chust. It has tie ups with various universities in Western countries. These internships are available for students of School of Chemistry, … Continue reading “Internship opportunities while studying at KTH”

Event Reminder: Annual Career Fair at Karolinska Institute

March is the peak season of job hunting: no matter you are looking for a summer job, master thesis, traineeship or a full-time employment, it is the time to be busy with! And if you are fortunately a student of a health sciences related field, then you definitely can’t miss CHaSE: the annual career fair … Continue reading “Event Reminder: Annual Career Fair at Karolinska Institute”