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Work from home (modern world problems require modern solutions)

Although Sweden is not under complete lockdown, the government and the FHM (Swedish public healthcare agency) has issued recommendations. One of the recommendation is to work from home as much as possible, thus avoiding the use of public transport and reducing the possibility of spread. Since, MTLS programme has a large part focused on computational … Continue reading “Work from home (modern world problems require modern solutions)”

KTH course: Applied Programming for Life Sciences III

The second mandatory course from the KTH semester is the Applied Programming in Life Sciences III. This aim of this part of the programming course is to impart knowledge in using Git-hub and managing various shared projects on Git-hub. This course is conducted by Olav Vahtras. The course consists of 2 main parts , just … Continue reading “KTH course: Applied Programming for Life Sciences III”

KTH semester course pattern

My last post about KTH was mainly describing the different campuses and locations of the classes for the MTLS courses. Here I am going to explain the general organization of the semester and the mandatory courses and electives for MTLS students at KTH. Semester at KTH KTH has a different system of organization of semester … Continue reading “KTH semester course pattern”

Third semester – KTH Royal Institute of Technology

We enter into the third semester after an exciting to our third institute – KTH Royal Institute of Technology. KTH has 5 different campus. KTH main campus As the name suggests it is the main campus, where the main library, most of the departments, administrative buildings and student union is located. Albanova campus is an … Continue reading “Third semester – KTH Royal Institute of Technology”

Course Review: Proteomics

Proteomics BB2510 is always the subject I am compelled to talk about. There is a reason: three months after the course ended, I started a master thesis project highly relevant to proteomics; another six months I got a PhD offer from a proteomics project! In another word, Proteomics BB2510 shapes my career path and I … Continue reading “Course Review: Proteomics”