MTLS welcomes the third cohort of students

Starting from this September, these 24 talented young people becomes the third “generation” of the family MSc Molecular Techniques in Life Science. The number of new members rockets from 6 in year 2015, to 19 in year 2016, then this year we have 24! MTLS Class 2015 MTLS Class  2016 MTLS Class 2017 On Wednesday, … Continue reading “MTLS welcomes the third cohort of students”

Key dates and events after arrival

With the annual KTH arrival day has only one day to go, Sweden will welcome its first branch of students —- that are you, in the academic year 2017 – 2018. At the same time last year, I was excited, panic; but with a lot of suggestions, my first year is totally a fulfillment of … Continue reading “Key dates and events after arrival”

2nd semester of Molecular Techniques in Life Science – Part I

The most notable change of the second semester is that we are going to study in a new school Stockholm University, and to learn programing in python, because we will use it in all of our four courses, namely Introduction to Bioinformatics, Project in Molecular Life Sciences, Biophysical Chemistry and Comparative Genomics. Stockholm University (The content … Continue reading “2nd semester of Molecular Techniques in Life Science – Part I”

Recording a week on Instagram

Since I started blogging for KTH last November, there have been many friends who are interested about what kind of “job” a KTH blogger does! As you might imagine, writing weekly blogs is not my only task; other responsibilities include editing and replying  all kinds of comments, answering inqueries  (mainly from prospective students), photographing campus activities and … Continue reading “Recording a week on Instagram”

International VR Science Festival at KTH

If you are fond of video games, you must have heard about VR, but for an amateur like me, it means simply to put on a special “glasses” with which I can see a virtual world. Therefore,  I was extremely excited when I knew that KTH was going to hold the FIRST International Virtual Reality … Continue reading “International VR Science Festival at KTH”