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Course Reviews (Batch : 2018-2020)

KI courses 1.  First course at Karolinska Institute: Genetics 2.  Second Course: Applied Communication 3.  Third course: Applied Programming for Life Sciences 4.  a) Fourth course: Fromtiers in Translational Medicine (Part-1)      b) Fourth course: Frontiers in Translational Medicine (Part-2) SU course 1.  a) SU course: Bioinformatics (Part-1)      b) SU course: Bioinformatics … Continue reading “Course Reviews (Batch : 2018-2020)”

SU Course: Methods in Molecular Life Sciences Part – 2

Today I will talk about the wet lab aspect of the Practicals of the methods course. 2. Lab Practicals The main aim of the lab exercise was to generate mutant strains of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae and look for the mutations in genes involved in Lysine production  pathway using Illumina sequencing. 1. Experimentation and Data generation … Continue reading “SU Course: Methods in Molecular Life Sciences Part – 2”

Finally, our graduation

The 31th of May, 2018 is the day that I will never forget. After all these things, which include one-and-half year attending the identical lectures together, six months delving in complicated codes, and above all, tons of laughter, the 2016 class of MTLS was graduating on a summerly May-day at Karolinska Institutet (KI). Aula Medica … Continue reading “Finally, our graduation”

Why, What, How: Four MTLS students sharing their thesis stories

How important is master project? We all know that It worths one-fourth of academic credits Students are free to choose where to carry out their thesis work 30% students (in Sweden) found their employment directly through master thesis Students acquire essential skills and connections with industry/academia, which eventually build up employability So, how are our … Continue reading “Why, What, How: Four MTLS students sharing their thesis stories”

Course Review: High-throughput data analysis

The course, BB2491 High-throughput data analysis, is the core of MTLS education at KTH. How does BB2491 differ from traditional biology lectures that we have so far? In this blog I will talk a bit about why, and how we should learn and master high-throughput science! First, why study high-throughput? It is involved in a … Continue reading “Course Review: High-throughput data analysis”