Summer in Research: interview with 7 students working at SciLifeLab

Vacation is not the only option for summer; a number of students from my program Molecular Techniques in Life Science make an alternative decision: a two-month, full-time research internship at Science For Life Laboratory in Stockholm. Among them, a large portion belongs to the annual SciLifeLab Summer Fellow Program (description at end end of this … Continue reading “Summer in Research: interview with 7 students working at SciLifeLab”

Searching for Research Internship?

A long time after my blog Event Reminder: Annual Career Fair at Karolinska, I can now happily proclaim: “Hooray! I get one!” If you are curious about how I got my first full-time employment  in Sweden, or you are looking for an internship position here, this blog should be most relevant to you. Instead of … Continue reading “Searching for Research Internship?”