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Thanksgiving in Sweden!

The festival of Thanksgiving is mainly celebrated in the western world. Historically the festival is a celebration of the first harvest of the pilgrims in the new world, where the pilgrims share the harvest with the native Americans as a gesture of thanks for their help in getting established in the new land. In today’s … Continue reading “Thanksgiving in Sweden!”

Why, What, How: Four MTLS students sharing their thesis stories

How important is master project? We all know that It worths one-fourth of academic credits Students are free to choose where to carry out their thesis work 30% students (in Sweden) found their employment directly through master thesis Students acquire essential skills and connections with industry/academia, which eventually build up employability So, how are our … Continue reading “Why, What, How: Four MTLS students sharing their thesis stories”

Inside the heart of Swedish democracy

If you were in Stockholm before, you must have been to the historical old town and  impressed by the great architectures erected on the islets. Among them, there is a crescent-shape building which carries an special meaning for the nation. “Riksdag”  is its name and “heart of the Swedish democracy” is official definition. In this … Continue reading “Inside the heart of Swedish democracy”

The career fair towards a sustainable future

Scandinavia’s largest career fair ——- THS ARMADA  organised by KTH Student Union, was successfully finished today. For many, it must be two exciting days of attending talks, submitting CV, talking to company representatives……Instead of repeating those job hunting that you might be already familiar with, I am going to talk about a rather interesting theme … Continue reading “The career fair towards a sustainable future”

Viewing aurora …… in Stockholm?!

On Tuesday (7th Nov 2017), residents of Stockholm were invited to watch a free, spectacular show —— the display of aurora borealis in the sky. It was 11.30 pm and I was about to check my phone the last time before going to bed. To my surprise,  there are 50+ unread messages in FB group … Continue reading “Viewing aurora …… in Stockholm?!”