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Lifelong learning to suit everyday life

We are now expanding work with our lifelong learning by intensifying relationships with our strategic partners within contract education. A partnership that is going to be very instructive. As I blogged recently KTH has ambitious aims of growing within lifelong learning and I also offered very powerful reasons for this. We have now gone up … Continue reading “Lifelong learning to suit everyday life”

A double or joint degree opens many doors

In late 2020, the first two doctoral students studying for joint degrees from KTH and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, successfully graduated. KTH was the home university of one of the students, which is why the procedure was mainly in line with KTH regulations. NTU was the home university of the other doctoral student … Continue reading “A double or joint degree opens many doors”

How  understanding can prevent discrimination

The equality  work at KTH is an ongoing effort that can be seen throughout our entire organisation. That this is clearly supported by management helps both in making the way work is organised clearer and in strengthening change management in many processes and decisions. The government calling on equality to be integrated into our universities … Continue reading “How  understanding can prevent discrimination”