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Broader recruitment a must for increased quality

Right now the Swedish Higher Education Authority is engaged in a thematic evaluation of the work being done by universities and colleges to broaden recruitment. One important result of this investigation will be the good examples universities are able to present. We can all learn from each other. According to the Higher Education Act (1992:1434, … Continue reading “Broader recruitment a must for increased quality”

Digitalisation is business development

In the 1990s, the word computerisation was commonly used to describe developments that were happening in the workplace. In retrospect, you could say that computerisation meant adding computers and other technology to a business in the belief that this would make it more efficient, but without affecting the business in itself. Developing a business was … Continue reading “Digitalisation is business development”

Why equality and sustainability go hand in hand

Gender Equality is goal number five in the UN global sustainable development goals and Reduced Inequalities is goal 10.  This is one of the reasons why gender equality is now included in KTH’s new sustainable development objectives. Gender equality is about a fair division of power, influence and resources, and about the human right to … Continue reading “Why equality and sustainability go hand in hand”