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With focus on solutions

In an article on the KTH website, we commented on the significance of the latest and sixth climate assessment report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

In that post, we pointed out that the news flow is increasingly focused on the various threats that can be linked to global warming.  One example right now is the unusually intense hurricane that has swept through the US state of Louisiana in recent days.

It is therefore particularly important that together, we should increase our efforts to promote new technological achievements and research results that can contribute to solutions to these challenges. One initiative with special relevance here is the KTH Climate Action Centre that is now in the process of getting off the ground.

It is also worth noting that the sixth IPCC report consists of three parts in total. The part that addresses the role of technology is Working Group (WG) III, that focuses on climate change mitigation. In addition to considering the connection between consumption and behaviour and emissions of greenhouse gases, the report will also look at the role innovation and technology can play.

The report will also raise the time aspect, that is to say the connection between rapid actions and long-term effects if the goals in the Paris Agreement are to be achieved. It will go through possibilities and suitable actions in different societal sectors where KTH research is at the forefront, such as in energy, transport, industry, and the built environment.

It is my belief that when the report is published in February 2022, we will be able to see good synergies between what the IPCC WG III proposes and the strategic choices we have made in the case of our own research at KTH. Until then, it is a question of raising our level of ambition when it comes to making our research for a sustainable world more visible.