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Several paths to future education

Monday saw the autumn Storträff meeting on the theme Finding Paths to the Future of Education. Following introductory proceedings by the university president, student union president and head of programme management, looking both backwards and forwards at educational matters, there were group-based, forward-looking discussions on 30 different topics voted for by the participants.

The topics covered a wide range of areas: different teaching and exam forms, reception of new students, extended recruitment and extended participation, transformation towards an equal, gender equal, diverse and sustainable society, integrated lifelong learning, and several others. It was also nice to see brand new topics like parallel languages and multilingualism in education being discussed. We also had time for a poster session with the first group to participate in the ‘Future leaders for strategic educational development’ programme.

It was a very successful meeting. Particularly because of all the good ideas that sprung from an exchange of experiences between teachers, students and support staff, across school and administrative boundaries – good ideas that can be tested immediately or further evaluated in one of KTH’s Prioritised Educational Issues (PriU) groups.

This genuinely collegial operation, which includes all staff and students at KTH, has been highlighted as a good example in the Swedish Higher Education Authority’s audit of KTH’s quality assurance work. Another strength is that the management take part in the meeting, chaired by the Vice President for Education, and that the PriU groups regularly take part in the Board of Education’s meetings.

The inclusivity, enthusiasm and good ideas all bode well for KTH achieving its goals for the Future of Education, via different paths, in 2027 – just in time for our 200th anniversary.